SOLVED: How To Remove the AWN Docklet From The Dock

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SOLVED: How To Remove the AWN Docklet From The Dock

Postby JBHoren » Fri May 18, 2012 5:18 pm

It's gotta be a "senior moment", but I cannot remember how I removed the AWN "docklet" from the AWN dock. Thus far, I've tried specificying "Display Launchers Only" in the AWN Settings:Task Manager dialog box, but without success.

What's funny, is that I don't have this issue on my workstation, only on my netbook (and the workstation is en-route from Alaska to Florida). Both are running LM/11 (Gnome + Mac4Lin theme).

Fix? Suggestions? TIA!


Update: Wow... was that ever a "senior moment"! The offending AWN Docklet is an applet!! Who knew?

So, I opened AWN Settings:Applets and drag-n-dropped it from the dock to the applet list. That's all it took.

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