Compiz Fusion not working right - Mint13 MATE

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Compiz Fusion not working right - Mint13 MATE

Postby kytx » Fri Jun 22, 2012 2:25 am

Hi people. I'm running Mint 13 x64 and trying to get Compiz working. I followed steps described there: but do not have Compiz working right.

1) Workspace shifter has only 1 desktop each time I login. My 4 horizontally aligned workplaces never remain
2) After making back 4 desktops when I click on desktops 2-4 It will show me no desktop shortcuts, only wallpaper and Mint panel from where I can try to run a program but it will start on desktop 1
3) When using mouse to rotate cube it will look like a plane instead of a cube. It will show, however useable shortcuts on the desktops 2-4 and I can even run programs on those desktops
4) All the graphic effects seem to be working
5) some keyboard shortcuts for compiz don't work - can be irrelevant though

Did I do anything wrong?

PS: even if I make 4 desktops it looks like I have only 2 because I cannot get to 3-4 by rotating cube with mouse

Made cube look like cube by going to general options -> desktop size but it still won't let me run a program in #2-4 and clicking desktops on switcher will make desktop shortcuts disappear

Getting interesting - size of the virtual desktop has actually nothing to do with it, it is the size of EXPO plugin space. But after I turned the figures back in it's settings, all 4 desktops now have their icons. But still all the programms open in desktop 1.

After some random search I resolved problems with desktop cube, but I still dot't know what settings to change to fix the following:
1) I cannot start an app in desktops 2-4, but I can move windows to them
2) Windows in desktops other that current do not show in workspace switcher
3) Ring application switcher 'sees' only windows within current desktop

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Re: Compiz Fusion not working right - Mint13 MATE

Postby vermontbear » Thu Jun 28, 2012 9:59 am

On my setup, I got the switcher and the application startup to work properly by dropping the number of desktops back to 1 under /General Options/Desktop Size.

That may or may not help you, though if I test right now, jump back up to 4, then everything goes to heck. Jump back to 1, stuff works.

Problem is there are still pieces of Gnome 3 and Unity lurking under everything.

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