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Widget/ Applet - A Chest of Programs

Postby teilnehmer » Fri May 16, 2014 4:19 am

Hey gang,

I've begun to game on my new PC, and I'd like to have all my games' starter icons in one elegant place, but I don't want that place to be the desktop or the start menu.
Right now, I'm using My Launcher, which is easy to use and works great, but it doesn't show icons and I have to manually edit the launch command everytime I add a game.

My dream widget/ applet/ desklet would enable me to draw desktop icons into it, and when clicking it would display all entries - I do believe some DE I used had an applet called "drawer" which did exactly that...
Extra points if it really uses desktop-files, which would mean I can specify my own icon (not all Steam games, e.g., have their own icons).

Do you happen to know such an applet?

I use Linux Mint 16, Cinnamon edition.

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