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conky 1.6.1

Posted: Thu Oct 23, 2008 2:05 am
by psych1610
Hi, I've never packaged anything before so I might have gotten this wrong but I followed this guide

and used the same instructions listed there except for some reason the first time I did ./configure with all the switches, etc after it, it wouldn't let me make it. I typed ./configure again and then it let me go through make and sudo checkinstall without any errors.

At the very end it said I had a .deb. I'd be happy to share with everyone but I'd love not to bork anyones anything, so if someone wants to test it out first and give me any pointers on what I did/did not do I'd be forever grateful.

I'd love to start packaging though and this might be a good enough start. Conky is running fine on my system for now.

One question though, I've created the .deb and its sitting in a temp file in my home folder, is it safe to delete/move somewhere else? If so, anywhere I should move it to?