Compiz Conquers Achy Breaky Beryl Blues

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Compiz Conquers Achy Breaky Beryl Blues

Postby telic » Fri Apr 06, 2007 5:06 pm

Today I did a completely fresh install of Bianca and found that Beryl now misbehaves with the GNOME Workspace Switcher taskbar panel applet.

I often open windows in more than one workspace at a time. Without Beryl, the switcher applet provides the usual visual indication that there are open windows in more than one workspace. When Beryl is running, the switcher applet refuses to show that there are open windows in any workpsace other than the current viewport.

Beryl also now doesn't do the 3D cube-rotate thing as I switch from one workspace to another using the taskbar applet. Switching workspaces using the mousewheel on the desktop will do the 3D-flip thing, but then Beryl doesn't update the taskbar applet display to show the change of workspace.

Thus it came to be that I've removed Beryl and installed Compiz. This mostly solves all the workspace waltzing woes (tip: use the mouse to switch workspace, rather than the keyboard).

Overall, not much of a visual difference between Beryl and Compiz (with its Extra plugins).

Official Announcements: Compiz and Beryl are Reuniting

Linux Mint 2.2 (Bianca), GNOME 2.16.1
Compiz 0.3.6, nVidia driver 1.0-9755


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