Can Conky show fan speeds/use?

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Can Conky show fan speeds/use?

Post by wutsinterweb » Wed May 10, 2017 11:19 pm

I haven't tried conky on my personal desktop yet, tried with instability on work computer but it may have been some other issue, that computer is now gone, but I still want to familiarize with conky and scripts if I can, but I'm still a noob.

Is there a conky option to monitor fan speeds/activity?

For 18.1 KDE, what Mint Conky script would be good for starters that was fairly complete with information it presented?
I'm just a student, your guidance is appreciated.

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Re: Can Conky show fan speeds/use?

Post by zcot » Thu May 11, 2017 11:10 pm

hwmon is typical for that.

there's various ways though.

You have to figure out if your system presents them and how they are labeled.
here's what I have in the conky file on this particular system:
${color}CPU fan: ${alignr}${hwmon 0 fan 1} RPM
${color}CASE fan 2: ${alignr}${hwmon 0 fan 2} RPM

I dug around in the /sys/class/hwmon files.

My system enumerates them under "hwmon 0", although for you they may be under hwmon 1 or even hwmon 2. You have to find out.

This looks like a good info, I searched for conky hwmon:

As far as a script there's millions. Just start with the default one and edit, and/or download a simple one and tweak it. A lot are posted in the showoff thread here, and millions more across the web.

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Re: Can Conky show fan speeds/use?

Post by Termy » Mon Oct 02, 2017 10:16 am

Conky can show just about anything. If you can see it on the terminal, you can pretty much expect it to output in conky.

Code: Select all

while read; do [[ "$REPLY" == *[Ff][Aa][Nn]*RPM ]] && echo "$REPLY"; done <<< "$(/usr/bin/sensors)"
Something like that would be nice and efficient. (although obviously more to type lol)

Actually add it to my $HOME/.bash_aliases file. :)

Code: Select all

[ -x /usr/bin/sensors ] && {
        alias fans='\
                while read
                        [[ "$REPLY" == *[Ff][Aa][Nn]*RPM ]] && echo "$REPLY"
                done <<< "$(/usr/bin/sensors)"
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