What's the news on updating Compiz for MATE? Is it being maintained? Where is it coming from? Much confusion.

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What's the news on updating Compiz for MATE? Is it being maintained? Where is it coming from? Much confusion.

Postby buffest_overflow » Thu Oct 19, 2017 6:34 am

Hello, someone asked the question "Can someone tell me how to update Compiz?" in this thread a while back, but it went unanswered. I spent a a few hours trying to figure this out myself, as I would like to upgrade from .9.12 to .9.13.1. Linux vets probably know about this story, but I'm barely out of boot camp and many things take unnecessarily long to do or are just too intimidating to get into right now. I'll try to be brief, as I have a tendency to overflow (heh).

Why I use compiz: It came pre-installed on Mate 18.2. It seems to effortlessly fix a lot of issues with tearing and OpenGL with my Nvid 1080ti. I like the infinite flexibility of keyboard and other layout configurations. The bazillion crazy FX tools are fun to play with.

I am trying to debug a Unity-based app I am testing, and this has led me down a compiz tunnel.

First, background so that you understand why I feel this is important to figure out and why I am confused.

1. A history of Compiz, it's "death," and why it should be confusing. A "biased" post from 8 days ago by an original dev: https://www.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/75hxp6/why_did_compiz_die/

2. Compiz exists in a "post-mortem" state, apparently still being maintained with an eye for Unity, I think, I am not sure: https://launchpad.net/compiz
If you came to Compiz as a new Mint user, you might be thoroughly confused by the desolation of their original homepage and their spam-ridden forums. Marco is involved with its maintenance, as is indicated on Launchpad, which is comforting because I recognize that name, "Marco." Oh, the Marco guy, Marco!

compiz 2843 - 2017-07-03 - Ubuntu Artful 1: 2017-07-03 None
^From Marco's update page. Can I install this as a PPA on 18.2 Mint MATE 4.10.0-37-generic? Is this the same as the version in the above paragraph? Will the real compiz please stand up?

3. Why a MATE user would want to update to .9.13: The release claims to offer significant improvements to MATE integration. The version that is on the MATE install ISO was released in 2015. This version came out in 2016, source package notes last activity 01-09-17, depending where you look. Marco indicates last work on 07-17. Are there two compizzes?
From release notes:
Release notes

- Start using C++11
- Support for grabbing keyboard or mouse separately
- Dropped gconf support
- Update cursors on theme or size changes
- Add cursors cache to reuse common cursors
- Lots of improvements for MATE profile
- Many refactoring and cleanups for gtk-window-decorator

I am confused about install instructions here. I would like those MATE improvements and Unity tweaks, as the bugs I'm getting seem connected to Unity. What is the correct method of updating Compiz? I hope I'm mistaken, but it seems the only way to do this is via compiling, and even then I don't know if this is the right source.

I am not quite at the level of compiling and debugging Linux windows managers on my lonesome. From the launchpad install readme:

Code: Select all

compiz uses libstartup-notification which is available at

compiz uses out-of-tree builds with cmake, in order to generate the Makefiles for compiz use:

   $ mkdir build
   $ cd build
   $ cmake ..

If you have multiple versions of Python installed, you will need to specify the version like this:

   $ cmake .. \
       -DPYTHON_INCLUDE_DIR=/usr/include/python2.7 \

After that, standard build procedures apply:

   $ make
   # make install

In order to build other plugins, you will need to install the compiz cmake set

   # make findcompiz_install

I tried quite hard to figure this out myself before posting this. I also apologize for how long this post is, I just hope that my confusion is understandable. Any help or clarification would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: What's the news on updating Compiz for MATE? Is it being maintained? Where is it coming from? Much confusion.

Postby buffest_overflow » Fri Nov 03, 2017 3:24 pm

Had a brief interaction with some helpful folks in IRC, telling me what I mostly knew and a little bit more. To anyone curious: No, you won't get 19.13 without compiling it yourself. You should back up everything before doing this. I still don't understand difference in the builds (there appear to be two separate maintainers). You will need extra library packages to do this, and it's not a straightforward process for a noob.

I will be setting up multiple WMs, as I don't feel too comfortable relying on this, as great as it has been for me.

<zcot> buffest_overflow: it's quite a spaghetti of things.
<buffest_overflow> zcot: that's a good way of putting it.
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<buffest_overflow> Bottom line, I have to set up multiple WMs to choose at login. But I have learned to love compiz. Goodbye, old friend.

Here's a transcript:

<buffest_overflow> So, does anyone use compiz and do you know if it was updated from the 2015 version that comes with the 18.2 install? I asked in the forums, 130 reads and no response. Then I find a random folder in .config about a compiz update. It's a mysterious creature. I never installed any update, so it must have been slipped in somehow. I'm going to stop worrying about it. I think Marco is now tending it with his unity development (I
<buffest_overflow> make no claims of expertise on anything Linux).

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<buffest_overflow> I love you too.
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<jonbox> Hi how can I change the brightness of my computer screen because it seems it turns dim when is starts up
<jonbox> im using kde 64 bit
<Jopeta> buffest_overflow, as per http://www.compiz.org/ the latest stable release of the Compiz 0.9 series is
<xmetal> I think that may be caused by a "turn dim when idle" setting (not on KDE atm so i forgot) ... it should be in system settings under power management IIRC, jonbox
<xmetal> where you can adjust the screen brightness i mean
<xbloso> where are you from?
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<xmetal> please remember this is the Linux Mint Help/Support Channel ... while it has common sense rules too ... General Chat can be done in #linuxmint-chat
<jonbox> thank you I fixed my problem. the brightness was turned down so I adjusted it.
<zcot> buffest_overflow: you can check version: compiz --version
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<xmetal> yeah sometimes that "turn down brightness when idle" setting some DEs have triggers too soon IMHO
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<lynx> Just installed mint on my Asus zenbook pro. Sound isnt working properly. just makes glitchy and crackly sounds
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<fantoro> Hey, is .svg supported by plymouth?
<idriz> anyone here know how to fix airmon-ng not showing anything?
<Jopeta> buffest_overflow, last Ubuntu xenial versión of compiz is 9.12.2 (2016/08/23)>>> https://www.ubuntuupdates.org/package_m ... 1&q=compiz
<idriz> no interfaces, no driver, no chipset,
<idriz> but I have a realtek wifi driver.
<fantoro> ok, I'll check it myself :P
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<fantoro> well it seems like it doesnt work well
<buffest_overflow> Jopeta: Thank you, yes the version 9.12.2 came with MATE 18.2 18.3.* has to been built, it is not easily installed, yet comes with many improvements for MATE. There is also a discrepancy between one launchpad version of this version and another. I posted at length about the confusion here. I don't really want to compile a windows manager, I know I should make a sandbox install so I can start getting into that sort of thing.
<buffest_overflow> *has to be built. With makefile or some such
<buffest_overflow> There is also confusion about exactly who is overseeing Compiz, as Marco develops things for Compiz, but there's also a new Compiz group that replaced the old one. Apparently a source of some discontent among developers. An AMA on reddit was posted a few weeks ago on this.
<felippe> hello, I'm a new linux mint MATE user. I need the registration code to join the linux mint community website, please.
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<felippe> thanks
<buffest_overflow> 9.12.2 is from 2015, I believe.
<buffest_overflow> 9.13.* has to be compiled, using a library that has to be installed. I'm just not sure what the safe move is. Since 9.13 boasts improvements to MATE integration, it seems like I should be using it.
<buffest_overflow> Jopeta: As you say, --version is 9.12.2
<antonio> hi guys, do you know where i can find all commands for mint?
<Jopeta> buffest_overflow,https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz>>compiz_0.9.12.2+16.04.20160823 updated in 2016/09/13
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<buffest_overflow> Jopeta: Gotcha, this was mentioned in my forum post. Note that Marco is the creator. There is another 9.13 that differs, I think. In any case, it appears the only solution is to compile the code.
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<cryptodan_portable> buffest_overflow: back up data as you may break mint
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<zcot> buffest_overflow: see dependencies, and you'll need to compile a lot of other things as well: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/zesty/+source/compiz
<buffest_overflow> Yes, that is my concern. I don't want to break mint. :) I just want to know that the WM is being maintained, and it's a little wonky.
<buffest_overflow> Thank you zcot. Sigh. What a kick in my the bum.
<buffest_overflow> kick upon my bum.

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