Align Label text in Button and Tooltip text of Cinnamon Desklet to left

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Align Label text in Button and Tooltip text of Cinnamon Desklet to left

Post by kanchudeep » Fri Mar 30, 2018 1:35 am

I have a Cinnamon Desklet which consists of a Button. The Button has a Label (with some text) and also a Tooltip:

Code: Select all

const Desklet = imports.ui.desklet;
const St =;
const Tooltips = imports.ui.tooltips;

function MyDesklet(metadata, desklet_id) {
    this._init(metadata, desklet_id);

MyDesklet.prototype = {
    __proto__: Desklet.Desklet.prototype,

    _init: function(metadata, desklet_id) {, metadata, desklet_id);


    setupUI: function() {
        // main container for the desklet
        this.boxLayout = new St.BoxLayout({
            vertical: true,
            width: 100,
            height: 40

        let label = new St.Label({text: "Label text"});
        // style does not work
        let button = new St.Button({child: label, style: "text-align: left;"});
        let tooltip = new Tooltips.Tooltip(button,
        // Does not work = "text-align: left;";


function main(metadata, desklet_id) {
    return new MyDesklet(metadata, desklet_id);
The above code results in this Desklet:
desklet.png (13.31 KiB) Viewed 1309 times
How can the Label text inside the Button and the Tooltip text be aligned to left instead of centre?

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