Conky Wizard & Linux Mint

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Conky Wizard & Linux Mint

Post by Wr4tH »

Hi guys, if you know this great application named conky, until now you had to configure it manually by editing the configuration file. You'll be pleased to know that a GUI to configure it is in developement on Google Code, its name is ConkyWizard, available in English and Spanish, however this GUI has no theme for Linux Mint, just one for Ubuntu. As it ruined my desktop, I decided to create one for Linux Mint, so here it is!
To apply it, you have to run ConkyWizard once and then replace the background.png (you can make it read-only to make sure it is not overwritten) in your home folder "/home/username/.ConkyWizardTheme/pix" with the one provided below, and restart or reload conky with the launcher provided (please note that you have to manually add the launcher in your home folder "/home/username/.ConkyWizardLauncher" to your startup applications for it to run at startup).
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Re: Conky Wizard & Linux Mint

Post by soderstrom »

Thanks! I was actually using Ubuntu 10.04 and that conky configuration before changing to Linux Mint 9. What I was missing is the conky, so thanks for adopting it to mint. Great configuration wizard!
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Re: Conky Wizard & Linux Mint

Post by Lantesh »

I made my own as well. I wonder if the author of ConkyWizard will end up throwing in a few different themes at some point to address this.
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Re: Conky Wizard & Linux Mint

Post by vrkalak »

Conky, the amazingly versatile and useful Linux desktop application, has a bit of a reputation.

It’s clearly a great App, but getting it configured can be a serious pain.
Changing anything about it has always required digging through a long text file and editing cryptic lines like ${offset 240}${time %a, } ${color }${time %e %B %G}.
As many people don’t have the patience to dig through manuals to find out what all that means, Conky’s popularity has been somewhat limited.

Lucky for us, there’s now an easier way to configure it. A MUCH easier way – ConkyWizard.
Great article and How-to for downloading, setting up and using ConkyWizard >> ... 2010/08/24
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