sudo conky

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sudo conky

Post by ricardezra »

Man I love to know the sudo command so I can run conky I just cant seem to find it :cry:
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Re: sudo conky

Post by pluraldave »

You do not need to run conky as root. Conky runs with normal user privileges. The command to run conky is simply "conky".

In order to use conky you need 2 things:

1. To have conky installed (check for this in synaptic package manager)
2. To have a valid ~/.conkyrc configuration file.

If conky is installed try running it from the terminal and read the messages that come up. If it isn't running the messages will tell you why. If it does run (look for conky in the system monitor) but you can't see it you need to change something in the configuration file. (probably own_window settings) Run "man conky" in a terminal for the full list of settings and options available.

If you still can't get it ot run post your ~/.conkyrc here and someone should be able to look at it.
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Re: sudo conky

Post by vrkalak »

As pluraldave said, first you have to get the Conky files installed.

Go into the Synaptic Package Manager and search for > Conky
Select to install Conky and it's dependancies.

Now, you need a Conky Script for the OS/WM to read.
You might look for a script you like in:

Official Conky site >>
LinuxMint Conky thread >> ... ky+showoff

Now, that you have selected a Conky script you like, copy and paste it to your text editor ... you need to save this file as .conkyrc

Now you can post the Conky to your desktop, by opening a Terminal and type: conky (no 'sudo' involved)

Your new Conky should pop-up on your desktop.
When you want to change or modify Conky, simply open your File Manager and under 'View' tab in the taskbar select 'Show Hidden Files' ... scroll-down to .conkyrc and open it.

You might also, have a look/see at (I am an Admin of the DA Conky Group)
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