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Compiz Unity Profile

Postby JustinGordon » Sat Nov 26, 2011 10:32 pm

I'm loving compiz in Mint 12. However, I've noticed the following strange behaviors:
* I'm not using the desktop cube or rotate cube (those crashed for me)
* If I disable my keymapping in rotate cube for "rotate_to_1_key", I can't switch to workspace #1 with that key combination, even if that mapping is in "Viewport Switcher"
* I set up some drag places where I have specific "Grid" actions, the wrong action happens. Specifically, I'm mapping the Grid-->Edges-->Upper Left Corner to be "Top Left Corner"
* The keyboard commands (Ctrl-Alt KP4> to "Put Left" and "Put Right" do not go through different sizes, as the keyboard commands do for the other window positions, such as "Top Half".

I suspect that my problem may be related to my compiz profile being set to "Unity". I'm reluctant to touch hardly anything in Compiz as I'm afraid to break my finally working system!

Is there a way to see what's in the Unity profile? Would it be better to be customizing the "default" profile?


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