Auto Clear Notifications in Tray Icon

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Auto Clear Notifications in Tray Icon

Post by Jebril »

I am trying to create an auto clear for notifications in the tray icon.

This would involve two things really:

1. Knowing that notifications have been sent to the tray icon, is there a way to detect this? Checked every minute, 30 seconds or whatever.
2. Inputting the keyboard shortcut Super + Shift + C after a fixed amount of time from this.

Number two I feel like I can figure out, but number one I am struggling with since it's very specialized.
Any help would be greatly appreciate, thanks.
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Re: Auto Clear Notifications in Tray Icon

Post by vimes666 »

I asume you are using cinnamon.

I am not sure what you are trying to achive. As I understand it you want to remove the notifications from the panel icon thingy after some time?
That can be done via the settings of that panel icon by right clicking it.
If you think the issue is solved, edit your original post and add the word solved to the title.
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