Replacement for hal utilities in a serial port list script

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Replacement for hal utilities in a serial port list script

Postby Monsta » Fri Jun 27, 2014 3:02 am

At work, I sometimes deal with various USB-RS232 devices which are recognized by the system as serial ports with device names like /dev/ttyUSBn, where n >= 0.
A few years ago I wrote a script that prints all currently connected serial ports - their device names and product descriptions (to distinguish between FTDI and Prolific devices, for example):

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list_all_ports() {
    for ((i = 0; i < dev_count; i++ ))
        dev_description=`hal-get-property --udi ${dev_list[$i]} --key info.product`
        dev_name=`hal-get-property --udi ${dev_list[$i]} --key serial.device`
        echo -e $dev_name'\t'$dev_description

declare -a dev_list
dev_list=(`hal-find-by-property --key info.subsystem --string tty`)

echo List of comports in the system:
list_all_ports | sort

This script calls two hal utilities: hal-get-property and hal-find-by-property. Now that hal is obsolete and not present neither in Ubuntu-based Mint nor in LMDE, this script ceased to function.

What could I possibly use to replace these calls?

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Re: Replacement for hal utilities in a serial port list scri

Postby WharfRat » Fri Jun 27, 2014 10:08 pm

Hal was replaced by udev so you might want to look into udevadm

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udevadm info --export-db
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