graphics card resolution settings..

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graphics card resolution settings..

Postby ranger3 » Tue Sep 06, 2011 3:34 pm

i have a dell optiplex gx620
1gb ram
500gb hd
60gb hd
pentium d cpu
gfx-nvidia geforce fx5200
linux mint katya 64
Im trying to configure the resolution settings for my lcd and tv separately using the nvidia173 prop driver along with nvidia x server settings. I install the 173, then I install xserver and configure my setup thru it. When I check the linux monitor control panel my display turns into one big mega screen with resolution of 2304x 9xx, the sum of both screens. there is color on the tv but i cant set it up to the point where i can do separate things with each screen. I try to at least save the settings, but as soon as i reboot the same thing consistently happens. all gfx settings info are lost as evidenced by the fact that when i boot my pc up and it has two black screens. the gnu grub bootloader doesnt take my preferred settings into account when it loads linux and maybe it shouldnt have to. im thinking i have to put something in from the command line of grub. I dont know exactly what that might look like. When Im in the gnu grub command line do i clear all drivers to reset to default? Do I reconfigure the bootloader by introducing the desired settings and if so, how do i go about doing that? HEEELLLP! ..please!

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