Onboard keyboard and secondary language

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Onboard keyboard and secondary language

Postby bodozer » Thu May 24, 2012 2:21 pm

Hi team,

Thanks for a great linux dist.

I've just installed Mint LMDE Xcfe 2012-04 on an old low-end computer.

I need the on-screen keyboard I used to install in Ubuntu and other Mint versions.
Why are not the 'onboard' software available in software center?
Is it possible to install it and run it in the xfce version?
Otherwise, is there any replacement that works? GOK, matchbox doesn't...
It has to support thai characters and switch between roman and thai automatically.

I started to install more extensive versions of mint, but it runs to slow for youtube...
Onboard is available there but not in this version...

Is there any possibility to add secondary language and easily
switch between them as in Ubuntu/Mint 12?

best regards,

Thanks for a great work.

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Re: Onboard keyboard and secondary language

Postby jjaythomas » Thu May 24, 2012 9:14 pm


onboard virtual keyboard was/is a Ubuntu project. Because LMDE is debian it's not in repos (acually can get on debian but is flakey :? )

Search for virtual keyboard in synaptic, apt ect., their are a few. I found one called 'florence works very well.

P.S. I had posted how to get florence so can use at login a while back (search forums with keyword 'florence virtual keyboard' :wink:


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