100 awesome games for Linux (mostly)

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100 awesome games for Linux (mostly)

Post by WriteF »

I have been working for a long time on a book regarding PC gaming. It focuses mostly on period 1998-2018.
Though it may seem a bit strange I worked on it using HTML. Mostly because text-documents, regardless of which editor used, tend to go nuts if it is full of images. Which it off-course is 8).

I do not think any publisher would appreciate anyone else having access to all of the content already (also it's in Dutch). But I would like to show the selection I have for recommendations for new and old players alike. Hence I am going to post them as an image to avoid search engines. There is a list of a 100 games with summary/explanation/whatnot. As well as an additional list of 50 games.

The one free spot is for a CRPG. It's a genre that I have repeatedly trying to get into but I just never sticks. I am going to give Kingmaker another go. But I might have to write a separate section that goes into that genre since it has a rich and lesser known history.

Any thoughts about it? What am I missing. What have you never considered? How awesome exactly is it that almost all of these work in Mint? (I have actually tested all of them on Solus or Mint :wink:) It is actually pretty mental how many of them are natively supported.



EDIT: Imagehost site didn't work. Which ones do you all use here?
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Re: 100 awesome games for Linux (mostly)

Post by mikeflan »

Which ones do you all use here?
None of those 4. They are great references, but I don't use those or any others for that matter.
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