jumping ATI ship, swimming over to Nvidia?

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Re: jumping ATI ship, swimming over to Nvidia?

Post by intok » Fri Aug 23, 2013 4:29 am

wheeledgoat wrote:I'm not a fanboy, but over the years I've most often found myself purchasing ATI graphics cards, for whatever various reason at the time.

But now, as I enjoy my newfound freedom from Windows, I'm looking to fortify that decision as I move forward. Given my difficulties with getting my Radeon HD 4850 to work with Mint 15 (rolling back my xorg version for the ATI driver to work, and subsequent conflicts with games that require the most recent xorg), should I be looking to Nvidia?

What I mean is: does Nvidia have a better long-term reputation for supporting Linux, or is this just an ebb in an otherwise even flow? (kinda like HP has made a name for themselves by supporting open source more than their competitors).
Why wouldn't you just update to the latest and greatest kernel/xorg/mesa/R600 driver? The OSS drivers a not that much slower the FGLRX and give an all around better user experience.

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