Half-Life 2 Install through the Steam Linux Client issues

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Re: Half-Life 2 Install through the Steam Linux Client issue

Postby Booman » Mon Sep 09, 2013 12:49 pm

Sweet, thanks for posting your success!
I was clueless with this type of problem and had a hard time finding anything on it.
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Re: Half-Life 2 Install through the Steam Linux Client issue

Postby ajamison » Mon Sep 09, 2013 1:40 pm

osvifur wrote:ajamison - I have the exact same setup (amd a10-5800k apu with , radeon 7700 using Nadia 64bit) and had the exact same problem. However, the new AMD Catalyst driver version 13.8 Beta actually does work for Portal, Half Life, X3 etc. (version from August 19th).

I installed that driver yesterday and the games funtion perfectly, as indicated above. However, the standard display resolution seems to be worse, and has lost its sharpness, despite still being called 1920*1080, 60Hz, in the Monitor Preferences menu. I will post a separate discussion on that topic if I will not be able to find a solution.

Thanks for the infor, On my way to work in about an hour, so I can not check now but I will check it when i get home tonight and report back

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