Help getting Launch control for flight gear setup

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Help getting Launch control for flight gear setup

Postby kd7ura » Tue Aug 13, 2013 1:58 pm

i have flight gear setup and running, but only one plane .
ive installed launch control and read the wiki, im having trouble with the exicutable file path and the $FG root path
im a noob have linux mint cinn 64bit
what is path for the executable file and the root?
im used to windows and would have had it done in just a few seconds, im still trying to figur out the file system on liux and get lost :)
im a gui kind of guy :0
in /usr/share/games i have folders : fgo, FlightGear and flightgear. the folder "/usr/share/games/flightgear" has all the files in it.
but i dont see an executable file? showing all hidden file.
i have an icon on the desktop that starts the game with original plane and the launchcontrol icon on the menue list.
i installed from software manager and tried the sudo apt-get commands from there web site, trying to update to 2.6
seem to have been updated t0 only 2.10
i had the plane and scenery files linked in launch control tried to get the execute and root setup, got to second page and tried the run button ,it just shutdown and i had to restart launch control. not the right path apparently?
there wiki only shows path for winblows. writer apperently assumes reader has full knowledge of linux file structure before installing launch control and windows users dont know what an .exe file is :)

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