Downloading Dota 2 on Steam

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Downloading Dota 2 on Steam

Post by ethan999 » Sun Jun 14, 2015 9:50 am

I want to download Dota 2 and I'm using my "native" steam client (downloadable from software manager). The problem I'm having is that every time my download is paused (which I don't do anymore) or interrupted it starts over. I've downloaded like 20 - 30 gigs of data for the 7 gig Dota 2 package. It just rewrites the downloaded files every time it restarts. If someone could tell me the reason it does this (if it is supposed to do this at all) I would appreciate it.

Also it just restarted so possible fixes will be appreciated.

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Re: Downloading Dota 2 on Steam

Post by JohnBobSmith » Mon Jun 15, 2015 5:01 pm

Hm, that is odd. A couple of things:
-You may want to download the steam client directly from the steam website, This is how I did it, and I have no issues.
-You may want to check for updates to steam itself.
-You may want to verify the integrity of Dota 2's cache via steam.

Possible reasons why its doing that:
-Bad/bugged client. This is what I suspect the most.
-Bad/bugged permissions, be it caused by steam or on accident. Something is writeable when it shouldn't be. I wouldn't know exactly what files, if any, at this time that could have bad permissions.
-The game's base is being installed, followed by a lot of updates. So it will look like it installed once, then start an update from the 0 counter mark. Though I haven't heard of Dota 2 reaching 20+ gigs of data.
-Steam settings have been bumped/changed. Not very likely, nor do I know of a setting within steam that prevents download pausing.
-Network settings maybe? I'm pretty sure steam uses torrents over their servers, hence why downloading pausing is possible. If your network is having issues with torrents, this may be it. I'm a complete beginner at networking, so this is likely not it at all.

So for now, I'd try updating steam and verifying integrity of Dota 2's cache. If that does not work, re-install steam using the client on the official steam website.
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