What's your favorite native Linux game?

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Re: What's your favorite native Linux game?

Post by lazarus »

What? No-one has mentioned Dwarf Fortress? :shock: It's my #1 by a long shot. For Linux, anyway.

7 Days to Die would be #2, except that for some odd reason it won't run on my PC, no matter how many times I purge/reinstall. (Even tried a fresh LM install!)

I also wish I could get TES:Oblivion, TES:Skyrim or Fallout 3-4 running satisfactorily on VBox... I'm almost tempted to reinstall as a W7/LM dual-boot just for these. :(
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Re: What's your favorite native Linux game?

Post by ganamant »

For me, it's the fizmo-ncursesw interpreter and interactive fiction games from ftp.ifarchive.org. I like that so much that I have pulled the whole archive into my headless file server, in case my internet connection goes down and I feel like a new story to play.
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Re: What's your favorite native Linux game?

Post by Fredashay »

Minecraft, hands down (yes, I'm a big kid at heart)!

It's hard for me to name other games since I launch all my games from Steam.
It's been months since I had to worry about what platform they run under natively when I buy a game on Steam.
And for the most part, I have no clue which games are native to Linux vs. which games are emulated through Proton.
Really, I don't even think about it any more.
Almost all my Steam games run without any issues regardless what platform they were originally written for.
Probably the only game I can't get to run under Steam/Proton is Flight Simulator (big surprise, eh?).
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Re: What's your favorite native Linux game?

Post by kyphi »

If you liked "Thief", you may also like "The Dark Mod".

Watch the trailer on this site: http://www.thedarkmod.com/main/
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Re: What's your favorite native Linux game?

Post by mawilliams_ »

Insurgency would be my fav. You can find it for a couple bucks. still has around 2k players a day. Great FPS. Supports Linux as a dedicated server. Practically Runs on anything. intel core duo is min specs. Also, has a Ton of content in the steam workshop. you will spend the rest of the year going through all the Maps, Skins and modded weapons on the workshop.
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