Microsoft Flight Simulator - STEAM Edition on Mint?

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Microsoft Flight Simulator - STEAM Edition on Mint?

Post by jharris1993 »


I have noticed two things:

1. Supposedly Linux Mint includes STEAM.
2. Microsoft Flight Sim X now has a STEAM edition that isn't very expensive. Obviously, the STEAM edition of MSFS is intended to run on Windoze.


In specific:
Because there is a STEAM edition of MSFS, does that mean it is "plug and play" in Linux which also has STEAM?

In general:
If a piece of software exists as a STEAM version, will it play on any system that supports STEAM?

Why I ask:
* I am sure we can all agree that Windoze is about as responsive and reliable as a Castrated Borf. (I forget the SF novel that came from)
* Flight Sims are complex pieces of software that push a system pretty hard, especially if you crank up the eye-candy.
* Linux in general, and Mint in particular, are very excellent platforms for games, as they are - or can be made to be - lean, mean, and ready to CONQUER!!

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.
Jim "JR"

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Re: Microsoft Flight Simulator - STEAM Edition on Mint?

Post by jimallyn »

I did a little Googling. It is only supported on Windoze. But a few people say they got it to run in Wine.

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Re: Microsoft Flight Simulator - STEAM Edition on Mint?

Post by objectchord »

There are hundreds of games that run on steam for Linux, but; you need to look for the Linux symbol :o)

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Re: Microsoft Flight Simulator - STEAM Edition on Mint?

Post by Booman »

I just recently posted a step-by-step guide on Microsoft Flight Simulator 3 in PlayOnLinux
It runs really really well!

I also recently tested Microsoft Flight Simulator 1 in Windows 8 and everything is fine except the controls for your joystick have to be mapped manually for the axis.
I bet the same is required in Wine/PlayOnLinux too.
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