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Windows games

Postby PrestigePork » Sat Jun 10, 2017 7:42 pm

Is there a way i can play windows games on linux mint?

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Re: Windows games

Postby jimallyn » Sat Jun 10, 2017 8:11 pm

Yes, you can play some Windows games on Linux. If you are using the Valve/Steam system, they now have over 2000 games available for Linux. There is also a program called Wine, which allows some Windows programs to run on Linux. As I understand it, the best way to use Wine is to install PlayOnLinux. PlayOnLinux allows you to have several different versions of Wine installed at the same time, and configure it differently as needed for each game or other Windows program you want to run. There is apparently a fair number of people who like to play the old DOS games, and they use DOSBox or FreeDOS for that. You can also install Windows inside of Linux using VirtualBox, and run Windows programs that way. I understand that isn't good enough for most modern games that require a lot of processing power though, as Windows runs slower inside VirtualBox than it does installed on "bare metal." A lot of gamers "dual boot" their computers, that is, have both Linux and Windows installed, and they just boot into Windows for games and use Linux for everything else. There are also some native Linux games that are quite good, and some of them are clones or near-clones of well known Windows games. Not a gamer myself, I've just picked up a little information on it from those here who do play games.

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