Multiple issues with Xbox360 controllers (Steam, Wine, GOG, Native Games, etc)

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Multiple issues with Xbox360 controllers (Steam, Wine, GOG, Native Games, etc)

Post by borg101 » Sat Jun 10, 2017 9:28 pm

I have 4 Xbox 360 wireless gamepads. jstest shows they're all connected and working. Most games installed from the Software Manager recognize them. Most games from Steam recognize them. None of them are recognized in Wine and I'd say about 1/2 work with GOG games.

Steam I believe to be a bug with Steam itself. Ever since recent updates anything more than one basic gamepad of the same type (unless it's a steam controller....go figure) has a hard time being recognized. Since this issue is pervasive on Windows and Linux, I'm not going to ask anyone to troubleshoot or fix it. I will ask if there is a way to get the "controller registration" prompt to stop coming up. Steam is about "this" close to losing my business again. I boycotted them for about 4 years due to them not refunding $10 for a game I bought but they said I never did, yet they still kept $10 of mine. Yes I'm that cheap. there a clear, concise guide that has tutorials on what games will work and how to install them? Every single one I've read has been convoluted as heck. Most are written for Ubuntu and have at least one step that doesn't work for Mint 18.1. My main problem is getting Wine to recognize controllers. I installed x360ce and TocaEdit in Wine, I configured the controllers, but still nothing works. I'm at a complete loss.

All I want to do is play split screen games with my son. Right now, quake 1, 2, and 3 are on our to do list.

And I swear to Odin that if someone says "why would you play quake with a controller" I will reign down the wrath of Thor on you!! Kidding, obviously. It's a personal preference and there's no need to be elitest about it. This is strictly for us to sit back on our couch and game with.
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