Good resource(s) for installing games?

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Good resource(s) for installing games?

Postby borg101 » Mon Sep 25, 2017 7:16 pm

After making the permanent switch to Linux ~9 months ago, I decided about 3 months ago to only support developers whom natively support Linux. There are some great sourceports out there that allow me to play some classic, previously "Windows Only" software. I've also found tools like PlayOnLinux, and Lutris, as well as Steam, that make it easy to setup games. I am having trouble installing some titles though, such as Warcraft 2 BNE and Baldur's Gate/TOTSC discs I have. I'm curious, are there any resources out there for older games with tutorials on how to install them? Every single one I've come across is either broken or has gaps in the information or assumes the user is an expert Linux user, which I am far from. I installed GemRB easy enough, but have absolutely no clue how to install the game files. I searched on and off for 3 days now, so I'm turning here for help. Does anyone know of any decent guides?
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Re: Good resource(s) for installing games?

Postby catweazel » Mon Sep 25, 2017 9:56 pm

Take a look here for more games. Also here, and here.

These are PPAs so you're placing a level of trust in the maintainers not to bork your system.
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