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Just to let you know. SOMA runs well, Observer does not.

Posted: Sat Dec 09, 2017 12:25 pm
by flatiron
These are both from GOG. Sucks cus Observer looked interesting. I shoulda chosen something older with all the bugs worked out. And that's what I got with SOMA.

SOMA runs very well except for 1 maybe 2 odd issues. Initially when I went to that Doctor's lab, the game would start slowing and stuttering whenever I looked at one of the mainframes, then finally froze completely when I entered the brain scan room full of mainframe. The audio worked. Nothing else did. I had to hard reset. After that I never had that problem again. I get some screen tearing near the geothermal well (the big glowing hole in the ground). I am not sure if the tearing is just part of the show or not.

With Observer, I could not see anything if I passed through the first doorway. I could see through the doorway so long as I had not passed through it, but the screen went black as soon as I crossed. Only the middle mouse button menu would show when promted. Also, I could not change any graphics settings without freezing my system. So, yeah, avoid Observer for now at least. So much PITA for that game. It is just too buggy.

Also, why do you get that wierd "zQ8" message when you jump up in the air vent in the doctors... master student's office?