games "disappear" in fullscreen under wine

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games "disappear" in fullscreen under wine

Post by Wolf64 » Sun Feb 18, 2018 1:55 pm

Hey there,

I'm having an issue nobody seems to know anything about it.
Well, as for myself, gaming under wine in full screen seems to be a matter of luck.

What I do is what I always read, searching the internet. "Wanna play in full screen mode? Enable virtual desktop with your native resolution in winecfg!" Okay, by now I really know, but it doesn't solve my problem at all.

Now here is what's happening on my Laptop running Linux Mint 18.3 Cinnamon (64 bit), trying to play games on Wine/PlayOnLinux:
The game starts in it's default low resolution of like 800x600 or similar (talking about older games, mostly from, with the virtual desktop and my native resolution of 1920x1080 set. So I go to the games video options and select my native resolution to play in full screen (who could've guessed!).

SOME games work perfectly, no problems at all, fullscreen resolution works totally fine.
Now the thing is, that some (many) OTHER games completely disappear upon selecting my native resolution. Means like the game is still running, as you can hear the menu music and even navigate through it's items (hearing the "hover sounds"), though all you see is a blank desktop, like only the background. No folder icons, no task bar, nothing but the blank background. And from there on, most of the time I can't do anything anymore but hard reset my computer.

Isn't there ANYTHING I can do? Except for playing in lower resolutions to avoid this issue, because that's really not what I want.

I'll be happy to hear any suggestions from you guys concerning this and I'm always happy to lern some new things, so tell me what you think.

Here some more details, if you need 'em:
- I'm using Linux Mint (and Linux in general) only since like half a year, so please have some mercy
- Intel i5,7th generation
- nVidia GeForce 940M and the recommended nVidia drivers (not the open one)
- tried several versions of Wine (the ones that get used by default when installing games through PlayOnLinux as well as Wine 3.1 or something)
- among WORKING the games I tested are Banished, Stronghold HD, Worms 4 Mayhem
- games NOT working are Gothic 1 and 2, 1701 A.D., System Shock 2, Unreal

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