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graphics performance problem in game Linux Mint Overwatch

Posted: Tue Aug 21, 2018 2:09 am
by irilion
Hello, my name is Marcelo and I have a question about the performance of games via wine in linux mint. I apologize for my English, I can not speak well and I'm using the translator.
I am new to the linux world and after many tutorials on the internet I was able to install the Overwatch game on linux mint through flatpak and winepak. The problem is that the performance is disastrous and I could not, at least I did not find any explanation on the internet that helped me.
When I ran the game on linux I realized that the consumption of '' VRAM '' was very low, different from when I play on windows 10. I took two prints to compare:

Image in linux

Image in windows

I do not know if they can see the images, in any case, the consumption of VRAM in Linux is about 350MB and in windows exceeds 900MB.

As you can see, the consumption of VRAM in linux is well below windows, even though the graphical settings of the game in the penguin are very low. Does this have anything to do with performance? As you can see, I can hardly keep the 30 FPS on linux, when I'm on the move the rate drops even more.
Does anyone know if running the game via Lutris or Wine '' normal '' is better than flatpak? I am completely new to this subject.
Can anyone help me with this?
If you have a better method to run the game in Linux can you send me a link in tutorial? It could be in English, no problem!

Thank you!

OBS : im using nvidia 390.77 driver.
my configs:

pentium g4560
8gb RAM DDR4
Nvidia 1050TI 4gb

Re: graphics performance problem in game Linux Mint Overwatch

Posted: Thu Aug 23, 2018 3:30 pm
by REIS0
Men minha resposta vai ser meio que uma suposição, mas eu te aconselho a pesquisar melhor de pode ser problema do driver e tentar rodar usando outros jeitos, por ser um executável nativo de Windows é comum que seja instável.