Trying to install steam to different disk + use firejail

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Trying to install steam to different disk + use firejail

Post by shima-pan » Thu Aug 23, 2018 11:27 am

Hi, so I found this guide on using steam with firejail, which seems simple enough. My problem is I need to install it to a different HDD because my SSD is small. I know you can change steam's directory for games but I am assuming that running firejail with --private it will not be able to locate directories outside of its box..

So I guess my question is how I should go about this? Is there some command in firejail I can use to allow it access to only one folder on seperate HDD, or would it make more sense to just install the whole package to something like HDD/steam and run it from there with firejail? If so how would I point firejail to programs on another disk?

This stuff might be obvious to other people but this is all still quite new to me so I could really use some help :? Thanks for reading

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Re: Trying to install steam to different disk + use firejail

Post by jschandi » Fri Aug 24, 2018 1:07 am

First things first, your HDD has to be either ext4 or ntfs. (This won't work for fat32.)

The procedure is simple enough. Just use the --private option for firejail to point to the HDD directory.

1. Make the directory in the HDD.
2. Run the firejail command with the --private=PATH-TO-DIRECTORY-IN-HDD
3. Run the commands as stated on the webpage.

I followed the procedure on a pendrive with no errors.

Hope you get it running.
Happy gaming.

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