Installing Diablo 2 on Linux broke after Spectre/Meltdown

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Installing Diablo 2 on Linux broke after Spectre/Meltdown

Post by BlueHat » Fri Sep 07, 2018 7:06 am

Hi there,

I have some questions about wine , playonlinux, and general linux distributions structure. Because something doesnt work for me anymore. And im willing to troubleschoot/research. With my average available time/And knowledge.

This is the method i used to install Diablo 2 on Linux:
So, its basically using PlayOnLinux to install Diablo 2 Demo freeware. And copying over Windows installation from the program files aka direct play version.
It even worked on a few different popular distros i tested it on at the time.

But now at around the time first spectre/Meltdown patches have been released, and there also was a Diablo 2 patch released at the time. This method and Diablo 2 stopped working on those few popular distros and also on Mint 19. Strangely enough it does still work on Mint 18.

I know linux distros are steadily transitioning from 32bit to 64bit. And that could be the reason for issues.
And that next version of PlayOnLinux was going to be rewritten in Java instead of Python and instead all we got is the stagnation.
I also bought Crossover (for the second time already actually, dont mind making a donation to those guys), and discovered Lutris in the meantime. But if i try to install Lord of Destruction throug them all i get is a failed download.

You see i also have opensuse tumbleweed on a second partition now (with mint 18 on a first one), and this method does actually almost works. I can start the game and type the login in. But then after clicking on the login button it sits kind of stuck beween the login button and the character selection. On mint 19 i dont think ive even gotten that far. Game was crashing even before that.

Anyone any suggestions or ideas for troubleshooting ? Need wine logs ? (havent linked at them yet actually, will have to google how to get to them). Should i post on wine/playonlinux forums?
I have a spare test computer to test stuff on if necesarry.


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