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Low performance in wine.

Posted: Thu Oct 10, 2019 1:06 am
by Remon Visser
Okay, so i have installed linux mint cinnamon a couple days back. I had a pc built of low spec parts that I had laying around in my house. The specs are an intel celeron n3150 quad core cpu (1.60 ghz) 8 gb ram and 1 tb wd blue 5400rpm hdd.

I installed gta san andreas in wine wich i got to run. When i played this game on windows on the same pc it worked fine. I had stable framerate and a good experience. On wine however it seems to have high fps as well, but it freezes constantly. I did some checking and testing and through the system monitor i eventually found what i think might be causing it. When on idle (so no programs running just a booted linux) i use about 800 to 900mb ram. Around 10%. When i play a game i use a max of 1gb and sometimes 1.1gb (14%). But it really feels like the memory is full, and the game has to load. Wich i would understand since the game only uses 200mb of ram.

I already tried to find settings, updates, drivers but all the hardware seems to run fine. Is there anything i can do to get playonlinux or wine to take more ram, so the game doesn't freeze. I'd really appreciate the help since i cant get my old windows license to work legally so i am pretty much stuck on linux mint. (I wanted to get rid of windows anyway but only if linux gaming works lol)

Re: Low performance in wine.

Posted: Wed Oct 23, 2019 2:50 am
by mikaelrask
hey install playonlinux a gui for wine from there highlight the game you are playing hit the button configure a new window will open from there go to the display option there you can set video memory size in the same window click wine tap and configure wine a new window is open (need a newer version of wine for this to work and it will install a few packages) go to the staging tab and make sure the enabled csmt for better performance is check on.