Minecraft wont open and I dont know what to do with a .tar.gz file

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Re: Minecraft wont open and I dont know what to do with a .tar.gz file

Post by jameskga »

My rule of thumb is to stay with 19.3. Previously, i stayed with 18.3 until 19.3 came out.

The x.3 releases tend to be more mature and stable, as most of the bugs introduced in the 20.x iteration of the OS will be smoothed out. Eventually, 20.3 could be the superior release to 19.3 assuming all other features and privacy protections you enjoy now remain in place. The initial Mint 20 release is more of an experience of "look what an awesome OS this eventually will be upon its final release cycle at 20.3!"

In my opinion, this makes LM a superior class of OS because its updates are not arbitrary. Each point in the cycle marks the addition of new features, refinements, and fixes.

Something else you'll notice is that features you might have liked are missing over time. These can all be brought back, which is nice, or you can just roll with the changes, sticking to the new vanilla experience intended by the developers. My solution to bring back the old screensaver, for example, from 18.1 to 18.2 was to simply use the synaptic package manager to install the missing screensaver.

The issue you encountered with minecraft is one small example of why I stick to the .3 releases. In your case, reverting to 19.3 took you back to a more mature version of the same Mint OS. 20 is fine for most people, but there will be cases like yours that make chilling out on the .3 the more stable choice.

I'm glad you got MC working. That's one of my all-time favorite games :)
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