Steam games won't launch

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Steam games won't launch

Post by adriandong »

So on Steam, I click the "play" button and it says "Preparing for launch." After that, it shows next to the game that it's running, but a few seconds later it just stops. Does anyone know why?
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Re: Steam games won't launch

Post by cretsiah »

getting an idea of
a) your system specs
b) which games your trying to launch
c) knowing whether its your first launch of the game
might help...

for instance my AMD FX 8320 with 16 gig ram 1600mhz
- Witcher 3 Wild Hunt
- The Master Chief Colection
took 40 mins on first launch to get to game
did go blank (as though nothing was happening, whilst saying game was running)
did get a black screen (not including screen saver / monitor power saving mode)

but so far games run fine, once running
subsequent launches have been faster
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Re: Steam games won't launch

Post by SilFox »

d) does game have native steam support or You have to select Steam Play compatibility
e) is Steam Play officialy suported for particular game or You have to force it via "Force the use of a specific Steam Play compatibility tool"

if so, You can browse HERE "Search games" and find great deal of users sharing their setups and fixes for any game on Steam.
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