Just wanted to say something about Wine

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Just wanted to say something about Wine

Post by Neojade13 »

I just had to go back to Windows for a bit for work and had the current Xubuntu on a thumbdrive. I did all the routine things on installation...purged any Wine that may be in place and installed the newest stable with install&recommends. Those same steps on Xubuntu however, didn't give me a Wine that asked/talked about the Geckos and those other few initial screens. It eventually gave me a Wine 4.0.x IIRC. This is the page I followed: https://wiki.winehq.org/Ubuntu

However, I do the same steps in Linux Mint and I get 5.18 with the gecko prompts and I'm able to play SC2.

I wonder what it is about the steps or the OS's that makes it so drastically different?

EDIT: What I mean is, 5.18 works out of the box with literally no changes to the configuration if you use Windows 10 as the OS. With 4.x I went through an entire night trying to get it to work and to no avail. It'll start up SC2 just fine but something about trying to play an Arcade map crashes the whole thing and since Battle.net creates the SC2 instance I can't seem to find any logs anywhere.

EDIT2: Yea, I realize this is a bit off/weird post for a LM forum haha...I just really wanted to say it. OOBE for LM is 1,000% better than Xubuntu if you do any kind of gaming or need Wine. :P

EDIT3: I was able to find the error from first edit. It was a "e_gfxerrorshadercompiler" error. (Checked from my DDG search history lol.)

^^ This error actually followed me into the LM Wine version as well. I'm not able to get StarCraft 2 to play with just Wine and all the librarys/DLLs added. I had to use Lutris and Vulcan to get it working with the SC2 Arcade maps.
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