Downloading windows games

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Downloading windows games

Post by James01 »

Hi! I am new to Linux and would like to play games(such as Fortnite or among us) with my friends who all have windows. I have done a web search and found out that I can use Lutris or Wine to download those games. I have tried installing them, however, they do not work and I suspect it might be because I am using version 18 (instead of Mint 19 or 20). Is there any way around this besides for getting the newest version of Linux?
Thanks a lot for your help!
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Re: Downloading windows games

Post by xenopeek »

Are these games boycotting Steam? Playing Windows games is trivial on the Steam client. Just enable Steam Play and it will automatically run compatible Windows games with Proton (Steam's builtin Wine version). You can optionally also enable Steam Play for all titles so you can try any Windows game in your Steam library on Linux. You can check on how well Windows games run in Steam Play.

As Linux Mint 18.x has 6 months left till it reaches end of life, wouldn't it be a good time to upgrade anyway? Switch to Linux Mint 20 I suggest.

I don't have any experience running Windows games that boycott Steam. Lutris is undoubtedly easier to get such games running than doing yourself through Wine. Lutris is supported on Linux Mint 19.x and Linux Mint 20.x. You will have to upgrade from the almost end of life Linux Mint 18.x if you want to use Lutris. Again suggest to go for Linux Mint 20. Installing Lutris is then following these instructions: ... ntu/lutris. You will also need Wine which you can install from the terminal with command apt install wine-installer. Again, you do need Linux Mint 20.
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Re: Downloading windows games

Post by cretsiah »

When you say you tried installing Wine and/ or Lutris

you did install first

Code: Select all

sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386 
then libfaudio ( i used synaptic for this one because i dont know the exact command)

Code: Select all

sudo apt update
i also used synaptic package manager for

- dxvk libraries
- wine-installer (being on 18 this may or may not be new enough version, 5.0.3 i think is on mint 20)
- winetricks

now i'll be honest I havent really got a clue of what im doing when it comes to wine but this is how i did it.......

download the " exe " or " installer " file (wait till its finished downloading)

- open terminal - type " winetricks "
(in my case this gave me a gui screen)
- set a default enviroment ( win 7 ) - (or make a new one, i made one called wingog just so i knew where my gog games were going to be)
- run explorer
- click on " / " then " home " then " your username " then " downloads "
- click on exe / launcher file (if clicking on it doesnt work try right click open)
- wait for it to finish doing its thing.

- If your lucky there will be a desktop shortcut

- if not run (had this happen with NFSU2)
--run exoplorer
-- look in c:\
-- look for exe file click on it or right click open

and you should be good
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Re: Downloading windows games

Post by ugly »

I don't know about the status of the particular games you want to play.

But, in general, online games are more likely not to work. This isn't a hardware issue or a driver issue. It's usualy an anti-cheat issue used by the game.

I'm fairly sure that Fortnite does not work because it uses Easy Anti-Cheat. Easy Anti-Cheat does not work under Wine. Supposedly it is a work in progress but it may not ever work. Or it may start working, then an update breaks it.

For single player games, using either Lutris installers or Steam, I think it's to the point where you can expect that most games will work.

Multiplayer games are a different story.
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Re: Downloading windows games

Post by euphorianx3 »

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