[LMDE] Help with XAMPP - Joomla! install issues

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[LMDE] Help with XAMPP - Joomla! install issues

Post by Cythes »

I fixed the original issue, I can get into the joomla install with out an issue but at the end of the install It gives the option to remove the install folder but it shoots an error and wont let me go any further... Try to redo it same thing over again.
Every time I go to copy my Joomla folder over to the htdocs area of xampp it gives me the following:

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atlantis cythes # cp /home/cythes/testsite1/ /opt/lampp/htdocs/
cp: omitting directory `/home/cythes/testsite1/'
After changing the premissions on both the joomla folder as well as the lampp folder (And htdocs) its still giving me the same 'omitting directory' error

Any tips?
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Re: LMDE XAMPP(lampp) Joomla Install

Post by Oscar799 »

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Re: [LMDE] Help with XAMPP - Joomla! install issues

Post by äxl »

Have you tried cp -R /home/cythes/testsite1/ /opt/lampp/htdocs/
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