Impressed to say the least.

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Impressed to say the least.

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I only had one issue with my install to this point and it was a "Simple" fix with my network card... By simple I mean I had to make a file in modprob.d and add a single line of code to it....
Compared to:
-going here
-getting that
-downloading this.
-throwing them all in the blender and hoping that physics will play its role correctly and shoot the answer out at the right second to save the net from SOPA.
^ Not that this is not fun but just an idea lol.

So all in all I love LMDE so far. I used to use mint back when ubuntu switched to unity I came over over to the "green side" then after Gnome 3 came out I left again in search of something my own. So I started using arch. Over all I liked it but it did not feel like "Home" so three other OS's later I found myself just the other day re installing mint but this time it was Debian edition with XFCE desktop which I have come to love of late.

So again I raise my glass to the mint dev team and say "Grats on a job well done!"


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