VirtualBox 4.2.6

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VirtualBox 4.2.6

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Maybe someone can help me with this...

I had a relatively fresh installation of Mint 64, Deb edition. I had originally installed VirtualBox from the software manager. I got the out-of-date msg from VB and updated to VB 4.2.2 (I think.) This was a couple of months ago. I installed that version "over" the original one by using the Deb package manager.
Last night, I got another update msg and I did the same: downloaded VB 4.2.6 and used the Deb package manager. Everything seemed fine.

Until I ran VB. The VB Manager came up but it froze. I received an error message, but the actual message was not drawn on the screen.

Then, I thought I'd remove it completely and install it again. I used synaptic and removed EVERYTHING that had VB in it.

Now when I use the VB in the repos (I think it's 4.1.18???) it seems to be working fine but it needs a kernel. The 4.2.6 version still freezes.

Any suggestions would be appreciated by this humble noob.

Thank you in advance for your time.

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Re: VirtualBox 4.2.6

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In Synaptic make sure you have the virtualbox-dkms installed for the 4.1.18-dfsg-1.1 version of virtualbox, that's the default in the Mint repos. I had a similar problem after the UP6 update as I have the virtualbox repo enabled, you may want to add that and the virtualbox key ring file check the virtualbox website for installation info.

To get my virtualbox 4.2.6 working I had to first have the virtualbox (being lazy on the numbers) installed and working, then I installed (from synaptic) the 4,2,6 version and it downloaded and build the dkms kernel from the virtualbox website and removed the 4.1.18 version.

I hope that helps..
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