Windows disappearing, revealing desktop background.

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Windows disappearing, revealing desktop background.

Post by some_random_2835 » Sun Oct 04, 2015 9:16 am

Hey Crew

Just upgraded to LMDE2 via clean ISO install (with a few updates afterwards) to an ASUS R101 EEEPC.

Fairly frequently, windows tend to disappear (while still appearing on my task bar / system tray - see attachment). If the invisible window is meant to be in front of another window, it will create a "hole" in that window through to my desktop background. From that point onward, until reboot, any further programs/windows that I try to open will usually have the same problem. This often happens straight after I try to put another program (eg. firefox) to full-screen (either standard full-screen or putting a video to full-screen). The same thing will happen with drop-down menus and tags that appear when I hover my cursor over various things (eg. links/buttons on websites) - they will also not be visible and create "hole" in the window that they are meant to be in front of, through to the desktop background.

It would be great if I could solve this on my system independently or if there could be an update that fixes this problem for everyone that is having it (if, indeed, anyone else if having it besides myself).

Thanks everybody

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Re: Windows disappearing, revealing desktop background.

Post by exploder » Sun Oct 04, 2015 10:11 am

I had the exact same problem! You are using Intel graphics aren’t you? The only fix I have heard of is installing a different kernel and you can find details here. ... 1&t=203167


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