Installing Linux on encrypted drive

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Installing Linux on encrypted drive

Postby Pepas » Sat Dec 05, 2015 10:46 pm

Dear people,

The script that can be used to install Mint on a fully (or partly..!) LUKS encrypted harddrive has been updated and tested with Linux Mint 17.3. From the README:

version 0.77

This script installs Linux Mint Debian Edition i686 or amd64, version 201403, or Linux Mint Debian Edition version 2 (201504) or regular Linux Mint 17.1 or 17.2 or 17.3 to be:
Fully luks encrypted, with lvm2 volumes of root, swap and (optionally) data.

Github page:

See forum topic:
Shortlink to download the script:
Questions? Email [url][/url] or post an Issue on the github page.


1. Boot the Live environment
2. Open a Terminal (Menu, Terminal) and enter:

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chmod +x lmdescrypt

3. If needed, adapt the SETTINGS section:

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nano lmdescrypt

4. Partition the drive, for instance (taking up all space):

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5.sudo fdisk /dev/sda

Within fdisk, enter the following:

Code: Select all

 o [Enter]
 n [Enter]
 +500M [Enter]
 n [Enter]
 w [Enter]

This is making a 500 MB boot partition, and giving the rest to the encrypted lvm2.
5. Start the script:

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sudo ./lmdescrypt

6. Answer the questions as they come up:
password for encryption (twice the same)
password for decryption (same again)

Then after a wait for all the preparations to have happened, and supply:
password for user, and some irrelevant info
about the keyboard
about the timezone

Installing into a pre-existing environment
Using a pre-existing boot-partition, LUKS partition and LVM Logical Volumes is entirely supported. The options are to USE (or not), to CREATE (or not), and to FORMAT (or not) these devices.

And that's it!

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