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Re: HOW-TO make dual-boot obsolete using XEN VGA passthrough

Posted: Tue Jul 09, 2013 7:30 am
by Hoerbsli

I didn't have any problem with the standard Mint15 kernel. And the only difference I know, between the extreme4 and 6 (except for additional stuff) are a different LAN-and USB-chip.
What kind of XEN version did you use? Also the latest unstable? For then it is very unlikely we used the same version, as the version is changing on a daily basis...

I tried to get another version. But as I'm a noob, it didn't really work. When I did a "git checkout stable-4.2" it seemed to work ok. But when I compiled it, it still said it is version 4.4.unstable.
And I cannot get the xen 4.2.2 tar archive download to install due to an error, that there's an "undefined reference to symbol timer_settime@@glibc_2.3.3".
I found somewhere on the net, that using "LDFLAGS+=-lrt" would help.But I have no idea where to use this. Tried to export it and tried to add it to the make command line. Both didn't work...

BTW: This package stuff system IMHO is really crap. I always have to try adding missing packages to be able to compile, and so often it happens, that there's an error installing another package which makes the system unusable anymore. Then I again have to reinstall Mint15 (as the package repair doesn't work). But as soon as I get a working system, I will definitely not mess anymore around with this...

I just saw, that the new 4.3.0 tar has been released. So I compiled it and installed it (doesn't make the compile error). But the result is exactly the same as I had with the 4.4.unstable before:
XM only gives me a yellow exclamation mark on the GPU and xl hangs on windows boot screen...
@easypeasy: Could you post your win dom cfg file? Maybe you have configured there something different than me...
Hopefully there will soon be an available package von XEN 4.3, and let's hope it will work...

Re: HOW-TO make dual-boot obsolete using XEN VGA passthrough

Posted: Tue Jul 09, 2013 3:42 pm
by powerhouse
@Hoerbsli: Yours is a very good description of the pitfalls when using unstable packages and compiling them yourself.

With all the posts I have forgotten the reason why you installed Linux Mint 15 and the newer Xen 4.2 / 4.3 / 4.4?

I would happily install LM 15 and Xen 4.2 or 4.3 (whatever ships with LM 15) if only it would work (so far I saw very few success stories). Dez (see here [url][/url]) was successful with LM 15 and Xen 4.2 using the xl toolstack. I really don't mind switching toolstacks, but I'm not going to compile Xen or whatever unless I have a very good reason.

As of now, LM 14 with the force version option for Xen seems to be the better choice. Or am I wrong? I hope to be corrected!

Re: HOW-TO make dual-boot obsolete using XEN VGA passthrough

Posted: Tue Jul 09, 2013 3:55 pm
by Hoerbsli
Yes LM15 with XL Xen 4.2 works, but only if you don't restart the VM. If you try to restart it, you get various kinds of problems (as it seems the devices don't get reset properly). This is a known problem of the xl-toolstack.

And I absolutely do need the ability for a dom restart. As I also want to have different VMs for Win7 with passthrough. E.g. one for 3D design, and one for gaming. So that I can sometimes quit one VM and start a windows VM for gaming...and then go again back to work ;-)

I want to use LM15, for I want to set up a new system, which I plan to use for some time. So I don't want to use an old system for that.

It's really a pity...LM15 with XM and Xen 4.2 works so perfectly, if only it wouldn't have this "illegal argument bug". The needed change would be so small to fix this. But for that a recompile would be needed. And I cannot get this done properly with that version of xen.

Re: HOW-TO make dual-boot obsolete using XEN VGA passthrough

Posted: Tue Jul 09, 2013 6:31 pm
by easypeasy

I am running 4.3 unstable from a few weeks ago. There really isn't anything going on in my config file, but here is what I'm using for XM toolstack on 4.3. I had to change it around to try XL and stopped messing with it when XM worked. Most of it I was just playing around with to see what happened when I changed it.

Code: Select all

kernel = "/usr/lib/xen-default/boot/hvmloader"
builder = 'hvm'
memory = 8192
name = "Windows7"
disk = [ 'phy:/dev/mapper/guest-Windows7,hda,w', 
	'phy:/dev/sr0,ioemu:hdc:cdrom,r' ] #passing DVD drive to domU 
device_model_version = 'qemu-xen'
device_model_override = '/usr/local/lib/xen/bin/qemu-system-i386'
vif=['mac=00:16:3e:98:ee:00,bridge=xenbr0' ] 
boot = "cd"
vcpus = 4
#stdvga = 1
serial = 'pty'
#usbdevice=[ 'host:045e:0710', 'host:046d:c01d']
pci =['01:00.0', '01:00.1', '07:00.0']  #Rear USB3 port + Radeon video/audio
#pci =['01:00.0', '01:00.1']
Your issue may even be coming from inside Windows. My Device Manager still has a few exclamations that needed resolved, but the important ones (to me) were solved. This is what mine currently looks like: I had to turn testsigning on to install my GPLPV drivers and left it on. I then just installed the regular drivers for the card.

I would guess it took well over a week to get mine running correctly so it may take some time before I decide to update it again.

Re: HOW-TO make dual-boot obsolete using XEN VGA passthrough

Posted: Wed Jul 10, 2013 6:58 am
by Hoerbsli
Thank you easypeasy!!!

Now it works flawless with xm!!!
But as I saw, you're using it in primary passthrough-mode. I could never get it working in that mode, and still cannot. But it works in secondary passthrough mode.

Seems like some option wasn't right for the 4.3.0 version, although the file worked for the 4.2 version.

I guess, as the 4.3.0 source tarball is out now, that within some time, there will be a new package for mint15 for installing, which then will also get rid of the problems with starting the xen services right...

I don't want to install the gplpv drivers, as I'm using a SSD, and trim isn't yet supported. But I'm anyways not sure if the trim command does really find it's way through the emulation layer...

I tried various things now, and as it looks, I didn't have the right path in the device_model option (how did you get to this path, as it isn't the path indicated in this tutorial). But if I drop this option it still works (e.g. now I don't need the kernel, or device_model options for the vm to work)

Re: HOW-TO make dual-boot obsolete using XEN VGA passthrough

Posted: Wed Jul 10, 2013 5:54 pm
by easypeasy
I couldn't tell you at this point where some of the things came from in my config. I was bouncing around sites (mostly reading mailing list stuff) trying various things for both XM and XL trying to get something to work. Most of it could probably go, but I don't want to mess with it at this point. :lol:

Re: HOW-TO make dual-boot obsolete using XEN VGA passthrough

Posted: Mon Jul 15, 2013 4:28 pm
by wotansp
Sup guys!

I'm a newcomer when it comes at Xen. I have been fighting with this issue for days already.
The thing is, I followed this guide, making everything a complete chaos and "fuc**" up the system. Why? Cause I'm so dumb that I didn't know that linux mint 15 worked "slightly" different.
Then, totally frustrated and angry at xen, I decided to try kvm+virt-manager. Result? I couldn't do the vga passthrough.
So... as it is said, first ideas are always the best ones. I came back to xen, started reading a lot of stuff (btw the most of documentation on the internet is pretty bad, not like in quantity, but in quality... each one just telling their own experience and of course... each hardware is a different world.. some ppl recommending you doing This script.. others doing That script..
ANYWAY. I managed to make xen 4.2 running flawlessly. Kernel is 3.9 in linux mint 15 kde. Everything is working fine (with the exception that i have to load xen-pciback manually each time, but I don't care, really.. ).
The thing is, I made a VM (win7 64 bits as DomU). Used this guide plus the hints for linux mint 15. Everything went perfectly. Pciback assignable devices showed me my gpu card and hdmi integrated audio. I was so happy! I created the VM, installed windows 64 bits, then installed the graphic drivers.. and then my nightmare began.

1.- win7 recognised them, asked me for a restart and after the restart the domu didn't boot anymore (stuck at "starting windows" screen"
2.- Tried to boot it using the windows command safe mode, both drivers were installed (I used vncviewer). I erased the gpu (ati radeon hd 7770) driver and restarted. It booted perfectly, again. I did a new instalation of the driver (windows 7 did it actually without asking me). And after that, win7 would never recognize the radeon again.
3.- The hdmi outpot of the discrete card that is being vga-passthrough doesn't send any signal to my second monitor (It just says no signal and shuts down after a while).
4.- Trying to manage the vm using Tightvncviewer just showed me in the device manager a ugly yellow triangle on my "AMD Radeon 7770 series" "code 43" , so not working.

And.. I don't really know what else to do. I thought I had it, and suddenly... BABOOM.. all gone wrong! Any hints of what I can do? if anyone is willing to help just tell me what logs you need and I'll post it up (I don't want to flood the whole thread).
Thanks in advance!

Re: HOW-TO make dual-boot obsolete using XEN VGA passthrough

Posted: Tue Jul 16, 2013 4:28 am
by FastRealm
Hi Wotansp,

After many trial and error with LM + Xen 4.1, 4.2, archlinux + kvm with Nvidia GPU, fedora + Xen/KVM, i got all of them working but i find LM14 + Xen 4.1 has the highest success rate. Didn't like fedora, archlinux is cool but too technical. Need to google for answers every time i need install an app. Prefer Xubuntu over LM but xen hate me, it just doesn't want to work with Xubuntu 12.10 :(

The last time i got Xen 4.2 working flawlessly is when i install Xubuntu 13.04 with Xen 4.2.1 Build 3.2(at that time) using XL toolstack.

Everything works flawlessly except virt-manager and i need to reboot my PC everytime i shutdown the domU. For me it is a no go because my PC is my ZFS file storage, daily home/work use, home media server for my family and windows gaming. Basically it is all in one build.

1) Win 7 might recognize the card but that doesn't the card really get passthrough. I did manage to passthrough my Nvidia 670 on Xen 4.2 before. Windows can see the card, i can install the driver but it just doesn't work. End up i have to dig up my old Ati 5870 and retire my 670 :(
3) I have never gotten HDMI to work, end up i use DP port instead.
2 and 4) Sama as (1), your card didn't get passthrough properly thats why it didn't work.

Until 4.2 become stable where people start having 100% success rate, i highly recommend to stick with LM14 with 4.1.3 because it just works with less headache and stay clear of Xen 4.2 until further notice.

Re: HOW-TO make dual-boot obsolete using XEN VGA passthrough

Posted: Tue Jul 16, 2013 5:49 am
by powerhouse
@wotansp: I second the advise of FastRealm - stay clear of LM 15 (or Ubuntu 13.x) with Xen 4.2 etc.

If you follow this guide to the point chances are pretty good that you will succeed (given your hardware is supported, but from what you write it should work).

Also note my warning at the beginning about the Xen updates - after installation of LM14 and Xen, use the "force" option in Synaptic to make sure you keep the 4.1.3-3ubuntu1 packages (actually any package BEFORE 4.1.3-3ubuntu1.5 is fine).

In summary, you got the best chances with:
Xen 4.1.x (4.1.3-3ubuntu1) - no later than 4.1.3-3ubuntu1.4
xm toolstack

I use this system daily and it's rock-stable. No issues - zero problems. Needless to say that VGA passthrough just works.

One more advise: Keep the number of PCI passthrough devices at a minimum when first installing the Windows guest. After everything works you can add more PCI passthrough devices (USB hosts usually, or disk controllers). Do one at a time. Sometimes there can be issues with some PCI devices.

Hope you make it work! It's real cool once its up and running. I pity the poor folks still doing dual-boot.

Re: HOW-TO make dual-boot obsolete using XEN VGA passthrough

Posted: Thu Jul 18, 2013 4:32 pm
by wotansp
Is there a way to install xen 4.1 in linux mint 15 kde and fix it, so it won't update?
Cause I want to avoid reinstalling linux, I like mint 15!

Re: HOW-TO make dual-boot obsolete using XEN VGA passthrough

Posted: Sat Jul 20, 2013 4:12 pm
by chrulri
I like LM15 too and I got around the "invalid argument" issue by modifying my config like the following:

Code: Select all

$ grep pci= /etc/xen/guests/win7.cfg-xm
#pci=[ '01:00.0', '01:00.1', '05:01.0', '05:01.1' ]
pci=[ '01:00.0', '05:01.0' ]
01:00 is a AMD Radeon HD 7950
05:01 is a Creative Sound Blaster Live PCI Card

I know about the .1 sub devices, but all I had to to is make sure they get hidden by the pciback driver:

Code: Select all

$ lspci -k -s01:00
01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI Tahiti PRO [Radeon HD 7950]
	Subsystem: Hightech Information System Ltd. Device 3000
	Kernel driver in use: pciback
01:00.1 Audio device: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI Tahiti XT HDMI Audio [Radeon HD 7970 Series]
	Subsystem: Hightech Information System Ltd. Device aaa0
	Kernel driver in use: pciback
$ lspci -k -d05:01
05:01.0 Multimedia audio controller: Creative Labs SB Live! EMU10k1 (rev 0a)
	Subsystem: Creative Labs SBLive! 5.1 Digital Model SB0220
	Kernel driver in use: pciback
05:01.1 Input device controller: Creative Labs SB Live! Game Port (rev 0a)
	Subsystem: Creative Labs Gameport Joystick
	Kernel driver in use: pciback
I hid the devices using the script from this tutorial:

Code: Select all

$ grep -v ^# /etc/xen/pciback.conf 
$ cat /etc/modprobe.d/xen-pciback.conf
# 01:00.0
blacklist radeon
# 05:01.0
blacklist snd-emu10k1
blacklist snd-emu10k1-synth
# 05:01.1
blacklist emu10k1-gp
Because of the XL bug causing dom0 to hang when you try to reboot domU I'm still using XM toolstack.
AND: Because of not attaching the .1 sub devices, Windows does not see them and I can't use them. But I don't need them anyways (HDMI Audio / Gameport)

I'm using LM15, Xen Hypervisor 64bit 4.2.1-0ubuntu3.3, XM toolstack, Win7 64bit and it's working fine (so far).

Re: HOW-TO make dual-boot obsolete using XEN VGA passthrough

Posted: Sun Jul 21, 2013 5:59 am
by powerhouse
@chrulri: Thanks for joining the forum and sharing your LM15 instructions for xm - I will put a link in my how-to for the benefit of others. For information, I tried this approach with LM14 and 4.1.3-3ubuntu1.5 and later Xen hypervisors but it didn't work, so I stick to my advice using the "force" option in Synaptic for LM14.

@wotansp: If you don't need the audio on your graphics card, this solution offered by chrulri looks like a good way to go. If it doesn't work for you, I suggest installing LM14 and follow the how-to. Running LM15 with a Xen release that's not part of the standard repository can eventually break dependencies. I had a look at LM15 and I really don't see much difference between LM15 and LM14 (or even LM13 for that matter).

Important: Installing LM14 over LM15 should be much easier! You don't need to follow the LVM formatting steps (my link to a separate how-to) as LM14 recognizes the LVM partitions. So when you run the installer, select manual partitioning and select the existing /boot (a non-LVM partition), / (LVM) and swap for formatting and installation of LM14. You can keep your existing /home partition (don't select "Format"), just make sure you identified it at the partitioning step.

Note: LM14 has LVM support out of the box but was missing the LVM option in the installer, which was added in LM15.

Another advise: Copy all your Xen config files and scripts to your /home folder for later.

So, installing LM14 over LM15 should be quite painless. Once you installed LM14, follow the how-to and if you saved your config files you can copy them pack into place (as root). If you later want to upgrade to LM15, just follow the same steps.

Good luck!

Re: HOW-TO make dual-boot obsolete using XEN VGA passthrough

Posted: Mon Jul 22, 2013 11:14 pm
by s32ialx
Hey guys. This is amazing tutorial and alot of the comments are very helpful But i've ben stumped now... I finally after alot fo trial and error and hoping distro's back and forth got

Mint 15 + Xen 4.2 running and binding to my front USB+HD7770 While running the Propriatary drivers from for my AMD A8-5600K Trinity 3.6GHz APU (CPU + GPU) with Graphic AMD Radeon HD 7560D . I need it to bind to at least one usb so I can swap my Unifying Dongle back and forth while also having my Xbox 360 Wireless reciver controlled under windows.

But I'm stuck now at this point... "vncviewer localhost:0"

when it loads the window all I see is parallel0 console and I have tried searching for hours on hours to solve this becuase I'm inchs from being in windows and playing neverwinter!

I been reading and I see that I cannot restart the VM??? what happens when I reboot my pc does it restart the VM or does it become corrupt?

I want to run 4.3 I read that this issue is fixed as i can run xm instead of xl... but aparently "" is down for the count "" report's "It's not just you! looks down from here. "

been over an hour now so I can't figure out how to update/upgrade my xen from 4.2 to 4.3 =\ since it is not in the repo yet.

So any help with either of these two issues would be grrreat!


P.S. when i do "xl list" It says this...
xen-4.3.0 # xl list
Name ID Mem VCPUs State Time(s)
Domain-0 | 0 | 2149 | 4 | r----- | 10448.4
win8 | 1 | 4087 | 1 | ------ | 1915.1
I dunno why but Dom0 should have 4GB and win8 Should have 4GB

also I set win 8 to have 2 VCPU's not 1.......

Re: HOW-TO make dual-boot obsolete using XEN VGA passthrough

Posted: Tue Jul 23, 2013 3:59 am
by powerhouse
@s32ialx: Regarding the websites - yep, they seem to be down.

EDIT: The websites are up again - in a new face! I love it.

Anyway, here some links for Xen documentation:

You are writing that you were hopping distros back and forth. Please explain in more detail - which distros did you try, and which releases (incl. the Xen release)?

Have you tried LM 14 as described in this how-to? Including the "force" option to keep the old Xen packages?

Before offering my suggestions, let me try to summarize what I understand from your post:

1. You already installed Windows 8 as a VM, you rebooted and you also installed the proprietary AMD drivers under Windows?

2. You are using the xl toolstack (as I can see).

3. You cannot boot the Windows 8 VM after you installed the proprietary drivers and the vnc screen hangs at parallel0?

4. So far you haven't been able to run Windows with VGA passthrough (that is you weren't able to use the proprietary AMD drivers in Windows yet)?

Here are my suggestions - YMMV:

1. When at the parallel0 screen, press <ctrl>-<alt>-1 (this is what I found here: [url][/url]). See also [url][/url] - this thread seems to describe what you experience.
2. If that doesn't help, reboot the PC (in the worst case your Windows VM will notice an improper shutdown) and start your VM again (it shouldn't start automatically, so you'll need to start it).
3. If Windows doesn't boot, check your guest config file - the best is you post it here! Check your VNC settings. Or are you trying to do primary passthrough with gfx_passthru=1 ? If yes, try gfx_passthru=0.
4. Not sure this goes for xl toolstack, but you may want to try:

Code: Select all

nographic=1 #!!! only uncomment this if you are using win8 or are trying to get a nvidia card to work
in your guest config file.
5. If you tried the above two options, try gfx_passthru=1. (Sometimes there is a little trial and error involved in getting the guest config right.)
6. If nothing helps, and your config file is not at fault, I strongly suggest sticking to LM14 and the xm toolstack!!!

Sorry to repeat myself, but have you tried Linux Mint 14 with the xm toolstack? If not, try it! See my previous post above. It should be quite easy to install LM14 over LM15, as you probably already have the LVM volumes set up. Once the bugs fixes for Xen in LM15 are in the repos (and people have had success with it), you can quite easily upgrade to LM15, without touching the /home volume or the Windows guest (only the Windows guest config file if you decide to switch to the xl toolstack).

Please post your guest config.

Re: HOW-TO make dual-boot obsolete using XEN VGA passthrough

Posted: Tue Jul 23, 2013 4:54 am
by powerhouse
This is a general note on those following this thread and trying VGA passthrough:

Ever since Linux Mint 15 was released, people are using this latest release for trying Xen VGA passthrough. Xen and the xl toolstack used in Linux Mint 15 (and Ubuntu 13.04) still have bugs (see also [url][/url]). While the Xen team has reportedly solved these bugs, the fixes haven't been included in the repos yet. Moreover, the xm toolstack used in the Xen 4.2 version of LM15 has an issue with the secondary PCI device, which means if you try to pass through a graphics card with integrated sound module, the latter won't work in the guest (see also ... ug/1175155).

For me this means that the latest is NOT the greatest, at least not when trying VGA passthrough. That said, once there are updates for Linux Mint 15 that solve the issues with either the xl toolstack (no guest reboot) and/or the xm toolstack I will gladly test and update this how-to.

As for the error 22 bug in LM 14 (introduced by updates - see my warning in the beginning of the how-to), see also ... ug/1180396. I really hope this issue is going to be solved soon, but I believe my workaround (using force version in Synaptic) is still way better/easier than applying patches and compiling Xen or the kernel, or living with the current shortcomings of LM15 (YMMV).

If this is your first time trying Xen VGA passthrough, stick to Linux Mint 14 and this tutorial. If that works for you, it's yours to decide if and when to "upgrade". If it doesn't work for you, you can still try LM15 / xl toolstack / etc. Just my 2c of advise.

Re: HOW-TO make dual-boot obsolete using XEN VGA passthrough

Posted: Tue Jul 23, 2013 6:42 am
by Hoerbsli
Yeah I see it similar. Stick with LM14.
If you really want to use LM15, then IMHO there's currently no other way, than compiling and installing at least Xen 4.3.0 (as described in my post).
4.3.0 can be downloaded here : [url][/url]

BTW: To let xm or xl handle the VNC stuff (which port), you can just type "xm/xl vncviewer [domname]". If you have have given a pw then you can tell with an additional option to use this.

Re: HOW-TO make dual-boot obsolete using XEN VGA passthrough

Posted: Tue Jul 23, 2013 4:34 pm
by s32ialx

Thanks so much for the quick reply, I apperciate it :).

I don't have to much time at this moment to right a reply if full detail I dont think so I'll do my best to explain what i can and if i need to I will touch it up/add another reply when I get back home.

I tried LM15 first becuase that's how I do it always go latest and greatest first then I go backwards from there if it fails.
my issues was with LM15 originally was everything posted but wouldn't bind. and the propriatary linux drivers worked beautifully with only lag on the loginscreen (this is still an issue with my current lm15 also oddly html 5 logins lag....)

so the hardward not binding I thought lets just follow the guide. my issue with LM14 is I can't get past the LM15 loading screen once it does that it just goes black w/ xen loaded. I THINK I got the hardware binded but I never was able to get in to find out... maybe becuase i installed the propriatary drivers before i got everything binded and working I'm not sure... But regardless if it fails I will try LM14 again. OH and i think it was Xen 4.2 becuase I amd not exactly sure how to downgrade even with the how-to it's not 100% clear to me. maybe I was just super tired at time of reading.

right now... I have the hardware bound to win8 domain 2 usb ports + videocard / hdmi audio ( you say the audio will not work tho that sucks :( ) but yea I never got windows installed period after i got vnc installed on first run of the viewer that is what I got... I'll have to try your suggestions when I get back home and i'll let you know what I come up with. Personally I think i'll upgrade to 4.3 before I go backwards again. I really feeel that lm15 is physcially more stable/smoother with my system build that 14 not that much different but the os itself feels alot more clean.

Here is my WIn8.cfg (which is altered for XL) I never got Win8 installed though

Code: Select all

kernel_override = "/usr/lib/xen-default/boot/hvmloader"
# Memory reserved for Windows domU, in this case 4GB (adjust to your
# needs):
# Name of the domU that will be created/used:
vcpus=2 #Most CPUs have 4 cores / 8 threads (=vcpus). Check your CPU
# and change as needed!
#pae=1 #only for 32 bit guests - don't use for 64 bit!
# Here my virtual network interfaces – see /etc/network/interfaces below:
vif = [ 'mac=00:16:3e:68:e1:01,bridge=xenbr0' ]
# vif = [ 'vifname=win7,type=ioemu,mac=00:16:3e:68:e1:01,bridge=xenbr0' ]
# I assigned a static MAC address, else it will be changed each time Windows
# boots. The address should start with 00:16:3e., the rest is up to you.
# Specifying the disks and Windows ISO for installation, adjust to your
# needs:
disk = [ '/dev/mapper/guest-win8,raw,sdc,rw' , 'file:/media/install/win8.iso,hdc:cdrom,r' ]
# More disks can be added later using this same method. The path to the
# device or a file can be added. After the first comma is how the device will
# appear. "hda” is the first, "hdb” the second etc. "hda” will appear as IDE,
# sda will appear as SCSI or SATA. After the second comma "r” means read
# only and "w” is for write.
device_model_override = '/usr/lib/xen-default/bin/qemu-dm'
# The above should be changed once Windows is installed: boot=”c” to only
# show the Windows file system, else it may try to boot from the ISO image.
nographic=1 #!!! only uncomment this if you are using win8 or are trying
# to get a Nvidia card to work. In my case – Nvidia Quadro 2000 - this was not
# needed.
#soundhw="all" # I commented it out since it’s not relevant to me now.
usb=1 # This allows sharing the USB mouse/keyboard.
usbdevice="tablet" # is recommended; in conjunction with USB=1, else comment out
# Leaving this as 0 is how it works for me with my Quadro 2000 card.
# gfx_passthru=1 would pass through the graphics card as primary display adapter.
# You can change this later for iGPUs or nVidia if needed.
# Try it with 0 first!
pci=[ '01:00.0', '01:00.1' , '00:13.0' ]
# These values are the ones you found out using the lspci command earlier.
# I also passed through an entire USB controller for native support.
# You can use usb-devices to find out to which hub/host the keyboard/mouse
# is connected. I use a USB KVM switch to connect my keyboard/mouse to two
# USB ports residing on different hubs! One – 00:1a.0 – is then passed through
# to the domU.
# The following lets Windows take the local time from the dom0:
#To turn on pci power management globally, use (see remarks under pci=... below):

Also I had an issue with my board... my two backpanel usb show up as "00:12.0-1|2 and 00:12.0-3|4" and adding the dash does not work.. but not adding it binds BOTH sets of backpanel USB 2.0 ports... I have not figured out how to bind one not both xD so I'm stuck binding my front panel which I guess is ok I could bind my 2 front USB 3.0 ones also. This is my Motherboard. [url=]Gigabyte GA-F2A75M-D3H[/url]

Sorry I think I have to head out now times getting tight and gotta get to a place before it closes i'll add more when I get back if i need to after I reread what I posted and if you have replied...

Re: HOW-TO make dual-boot obsolete using XEN VGA passthrough

Posted: Wed Jul 24, 2013 3:12 pm
by powerhouse

Code: Select all

in your config file instructs to use "primary passthrough". You should change it to gfx_passthru=0 for a start.

If I understood you correctly, you did NOT manage to install Windows?

I'm not familiar with xl syntax, but in the xm syntax you need to specify boot=dc to boot from the win8.iso image. After installation you change it to boot=cd or just boot=c.

With regard to installing LM14, you need to boot the LM14 image. The best is to prepare a LM14 life USB stick with unetbootin (or a similar application). You can do it from within LM15. Then plug the life USB stick into a port and reboot. While the PC boots, you need to press a key (F8, or whatever) to get the boot menu, then select the USB stick to boot from. You should be able to boot into Linux Mint 14, from there select the installer, then follow my previous instructions in the partitioning section.

EDIT: With PCI passthrough you pass entire USB controllers to the guest system, not individual USB ports. So the syntax is, for example, 00:1a.0 for a USB controller. In my system, 2 Intel USB controllers on the X79 chip control 14 USB ports. Yet some other controllers control only 2 USB ports.

EDIT 2: I may sound repetitive, but the safest bet to get it working is LM14.

Re: HOW-TO make dual-boot obsolete using XEN VGA passthrough

Posted: Sat Jul 27, 2013 6:01 am
by wotansp
thanks to @powerhouse and the rest of you.
I erased Linux mint 15 and installed linux mint 14. Now it works flawlessly.

Re: HOW-TO make dual-boot obsolete using XEN VGA passthrough

Posted: Sat Jul 27, 2013 8:05 am
by powerhouse
wotansp wrote:thanks to @powerhouse and the rest of you.
I erased Linux mint 15 and installed linux mint 14. Now it works flawlessly.
You are most welcome! I hope you can live with LM14 until the problems with LM15 and Xen 4.2 are fixed.