How to get Virtualbox running Windows 7 to detect and recognize an iPhone on LM 18.2 Serena

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How to get Virtualbox running Windows 7 to detect and recognize an iPhone on LM 18.2 Serena

Post by jameskga » Fri Jul 21, 2017 11:23 pm

1) Install the extension pack found here:

2) Install Guest Additions from the Devices menu in Virtualbox (in the window where you're currently running Windows 7 or whatever OS). Once it's installed, reboot the OS and then shut it down. You might also notice your guest OS now resizes its resolution to match the window as you resize it. This is nice :)

3) Run the following command, and then restart your PC:

Code: Select all

sudo usermod -a -G vboxusers $USER
Note regarding the above code: Don't misunderstand $USER to mean $YOURNAME or $Steve -- No. $USER is what you are supposed to use :)

4) In the main Virtualbox control center window, open the Settings menu for your VM and then go to your USB tab. Select USB 2.0 in the upper menu. Then: Over on the right, there are a couple buttons. Click the one with a green plus - not the blue dot - because you only want to add one USB device to Windows, not turn over all USB device control. The green plus lets you pick what you want Windows to touch. In this example, you only want to add your iPhone (this works for any other USB device as well; just pick it from this menu). Then click Apple: iPhone or whatever it says for your particular phone, and you're good.

5) Launch your VM again, let it boot up, then pick up your iPhone and press "Trust this computer." The iPhone should now appear in Windows 7. It may even prompt you to Open to view files or import the pictures already. Since I only wanted access to my pictures, this is perfect for me. Screw iTunes.

I did it all with my iPhone plugged in, but someone on askubuntu suggested unplugging the iPhone between steps 4 and 5, and plugging it in after the OS boots up.

For information on how to use Photoshop and create a Shared folder between your guest and host operating systems, check out my thread titled My experience running Photoshop CC 2015 on LM 18.1 Serena:

You may find the section on Shared folders useful for getting your iPhone photos back into your Mint /home/ folder!
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