KVM/Qemu - Network issues

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KVM/Qemu - Network issues

Post by justlostintime »

I was adding virtual support to my server using kvm/qemu

Ran into two problems setting up the virtual network through Virt-Manager

The host is a X86-64 and MINT 19 all latest updates/last night

First problem, I created a bridge for use of virtual machine for direct connect to my network, The bridge was properly created I selected at boot, it was never started therefor my virtual machine was never started at boot failed with no network device.

After investigating, I found that 'auto' was never set in the network system file(hence no connection), had to add it manually, I think this is perhaps a bug, but not sure. Any thoughts or comments, Is it a bug?

The other problem I had was after setting the Spice port to a fixed not auto, it some how started reporting tls was not configured and would not start the virtual machine. Had to actually recreate the virtual machine and not touch the settings to get it to work. What is happening, Is this a bug or perhaps me doing something wrong?
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