a installation/recovery tip from a novice

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a installation/recovery tip from a novice

Post by craig196 »

This is a little tip that may help a lot of ppl out especially new users. I'm using the new mint 19.1 Tara (I think).

Because of a bad power supply the system crashed BIOS reported no OS found, I never even got to the annoying GRUB RESCUE > or initramfs message. I used a live USB and managed to mount the fouled hd and rescue 200gb of media files via USB 2 and now had plenty of space on hd.
I then installed a fresh Tara alongside the bad one and this fixed the boot and gave me a grub but I couldn't access original yet. I booted into this new installation and managed to drag ".mozilla " and ".Thunderbird " files from old to new and I got all my pwds and bookmarks back and emails. I remembered I had timeshare (windows restore) switched on. I found that folder on old portion and ran it and it started its magic and fixed the fouled partition. But stupidly I used gparted to resize partition and I broke that installation but I could still boot into new partition and that with Tara if you open the app "Disks" you can select the broken partition and select repair. And it generally fixes post boot issues.

So whether you're a newbie or expert my tip is when doing a fresh install, install it twice alongside each other.
make sure you initiate Timeshift, update screen will advise this.

Know how to find your thunderbird and mozilla "default" files which are hidden (ctrl+h in Home to show hidden)
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