Lightroom in Virtualbox versus Lightroom on Windows pc

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Lightroom in Virtualbox versus Lightroom on Windows pc

Post by kneops »

I'm struggling here, so I hope there are some Lightroom users here that use it within Virtualbox on Linux Mint, as I do at the moment...

I'm a freelance photographer (and webdesigner) and working with Darktable (and sometimes RawTherapee) for two years now, but because I was unhappy with the color, sharpness and detail, I tried Lightroom and CaptureOne in Virtualbox. I love DT and RT (which does have good sharpness) but the results I get from the two Windows program are much better and quicker. I spent weeks comparing images and I hate to say the differences are quite clear (for now).

My current pc is 8 years old (i7, quad core + GeForce GTS 450) and working with LR in VB is possible, but I want it to be faster. And if possible with support of the capabilities of the GPU. So now I'm not sure what to do. Build a fast Windows pc just for LR and Photoshop and use it with a KVM switch and a NAS together with my current LM pc using just one monitor, or build a new and really fast LM pc and keep on using Virtualbox for LR like I do now.

I find it so hard to decide :(
I would appreciate any ideas about this.


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