Mint 19.3 slow in Virtualbox 6.1.4

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Mint 19.3 slow in Virtualbox 6.1.4

Post by Arp »


I run Virtualbox 6.1.4 on Linux Mint 19.3 cinnamon.

I want a second Mint 19.3 in Virtualbox to play around. But its kind of slowly reacting. I gave it 4 cpu cores and 16 GB of ram (Host has 32).
The best config I have so far is:
PAE/NX enabled
Nested VT-x/AMD-V enabled

128 mb video memory
Controller: VBoxSVGA (If I choose the standard VMSVGA it is even slower)

In the guest, I have updated everything, including the kernel and installed the guest additions.
After each restart it complains that I don't use video acceleration and should check the driver configuration. But the list is empty...

One reason might be, that I am on a 4k screen. I activted hiDPI in the guest.

Is there something I can do to further boost performance?

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Re: Mint 19.3 slow in Virtualbox 6.1.4

Post by pbear »

I run VBox on two machines. One has this problem, the other doesn't, from which I infer it's a limitation of the first computer's virtualization. This only happens with Cinnamon, by the way, and we're not the only ones to observe it. If there's a solution, I haven't found it.

What works tolerably well as a workaround is to reboot the VM, which eliminates the nag notice and brings CPU down use to normal.

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