Cannot Ping Virtual Machine, Qemu

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Cannot Ping Virtual Machine, Qemu

Post by linux_trojan »

I am using Qemu to host Windows 10 virtual machine. I cannot ping that box from my host, Linux Mint. I get this error:
Destination Host Unreachable
The internet said something about edit /etc/network/interfaces. When I did, could not get back on the net again. I had to delete all that stuff. Strange thing is that the Windows virtual machine and my other Windows box that is connected to the router can see each other with no problem at all.
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Re: Cannot Ping Virtual Machine, Qemu

Post by powerhouse »

Sorry for the late reply. Did you configure the VM networking with a bridge or did you use the default network configuration?

You need to use a network bridge to allow your VM to see your host and vice versa. This works if you have a wired connection to the router. It's more difficult to set it up on a Wifi connection.

Perhaps the following helps: ... plication/
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