Change GDM3 to MDM?

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Re: Change GDM3 to MDM?

Post by roger64 »

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Re: Change GDM3 to MDM?

Post by zen_monkey »

I've just followed the steps you outlined and went through the exact situation on LMDE 64 bits.

First apt-get install gave the error regarding nohost.png being on another package

Code: Select all

dpkg: error al procesar /var/cache/apt/archives/mdm_1.0.0_amd64.deb (--unpack):
 intentando sobreescribir `/usr/share/pixmaps/nohost.png', que está también en el paquete gdm3 3.0.4-4
configured to not write apport reports
dpkg-deb: error: subprocess copiado was killed by signal (Tubería rota)
and i did the --force-overwrite as suggested then both dpkg-reconfigure commands, rebooted and there was mdm working fine. :P

Could you explain what does exactly that force option does and why it's needed to run a dpkg-reconfigure for each of them? (gdm3, mdm) I will apreciate that.

About the naming confusion with middleman, i think the logic after it is like gdm was "gnome display manager" this mdm stands for "mint display manager", just my thought. What happends if i want to install middleman? :?: just curious, not that am going to actually do it.
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Re: Change GDM3 to MDM?

Post by zerozero »

- we have to use the --force-overwrite basically because there's a packaging mistake :lol: not too serious in this situation because we are just overwriting a png, but everytime we use that force option we have to be sure what we are overwriting (a png is ok, a ".so" i wouldn't dare)
- it shouldn't be needed to reconfigure it twice (i changed from gdm3 to kdm lots of times and it goes easy and at first try); truly i have no idea but when you do the first (afaik) it states a message that either shows failure or that you should repeat the process (not a big deal, but you must be careful)

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Re: Change GDM3 to MDM?

Post by Mutiny32 »

I have to say that it's a bit more of a serious issue if you try to install gnome-shell. It crashes and burns on gdm3 and the conflicting png, leaving with you a broken installation.
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Re: Change GDM3 to MDM?

Post by mixolyd »

GeneC wrote:td

I did make the change to auto login. :wink:

edit (as root)

and underneath
Add the next lines:

Code: Select all

where username is your name

To stop auto login just change the true to false
thank you!!
I just installed LM 13 RC Cinnamon and noticed that autologin wasn't working. Following your advice fixed it.
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Re: Change GDM3 to MDM?

Post by wshyang »

Hi all,

Does the mdm.conf code actually work for LMDE? I've just gotten the latest linuxmint-201204-mate-cinnamon-dvd-32bit installed, and so I followed the instructions...


And upon reboot, I still see the login prompt :(


I hope I haven't missed out on anything. Tried switching to SLIM, but it seems to cause other breakages with the optical drive not being able to mount, and the shutdown/restart options not showing on logout, so MDM is still the way to go (if I can get it to autologin!)

Any advice much appreciated :)

This is extremely bizarre, but timed login works!

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