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[SOLVED] installing xfce

Posted: Sat May 05, 2012 8:32 pm
by selittl
I would like to install xfce in 201204 mate/cinnamon. I tried with the current sources set to testing and xfce does not seem to be in these. Is there another source I should install from?

Re: installing xfce

Posted: Sat May 05, 2012 8:42 pm
by jjaythomas
look for package (it's a meta package) xfce4 and xfce-goodies (optional stuff for functionality)

P.S. you may need to reload package list in synaptic itself to find. :wink:


Re: installing xfce

Posted: Sat May 05, 2012 8:44 pm
by Danko8321
well, you can usually install it by typing

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sudo apt-get install xfce4
in a terminal, have you tried that? It has never failed for me. Although it may just be some outdated sources or something, so I would suggest you to better use this command instead:

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sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install xfce4

installing xfce

Posted: Sun May 06, 2012 8:18 am
by selittl
Thanks guys. I typed "xfce" instead of "xfce4" my bad!

Re: [SOLVED] installing xfce

Posted: Tue May 08, 2012 2:18 am
by ashfaq
Well, someone can give me an input if I should be able to install latest xfce 4.10 in lmde 64 bit latest with all its default applications! Please help me how to go about it, if yes, and it is possible, than lets do it. Again, I am not an expert, just able to work by pasting commands provided by you people in forums and "how too's" in terminal I am able to survive, that is all. But I love lmde. I tried all the sessions in Desktop available in the default install, and would like to stick to xfce, but with the latest 4.10 available, as it is said to be having more applications, and have come up after a studied gap.

I hope some one must have thought about this, Is it possible to build it from source as the website says, than a good "how to" with all the commands, and instructions to avoid, some ot the needed danger zones, will help all of the lmde users to enjoy this latest desktop. Please make me aware of the possibilities.