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XFCE Session Windows and Manager Fails

Posted: Fri Oct 05, 2012 9:03 pm
by Chrisnz
On Fresh Install of MintDebian I was trying out each of the Session 'styles' and liked Xfce so made a few changers like selecting a different font and making it 12point. Loading a an email prog (Evo) and Firefox add on's. Find a fix for getting the printer to work and that was it. All stable for a couple of days. Now this is in XFCE.
1) Each window I open goes to the top left corner unless designed to open centre screen. They all overlap to the last opened window. Yes I can select them - just but in doing so will never make the 'active window' come to the top.

2) Min, Max and move controls have disappeared completely on all windows - so only 'File Close' will get me out of anything. If a program starts in Full View then no others could be selected anyway.

3) Some windows dropped below screen level and nothing can be selected in that area.

4) Some top lines in some of the software appear blacked out and so are impossible to read.

5) Main toolbar - now fails to show any open program and workspaces fail to work at all.

6) Windows manager fails to load so could not establish any issues there.

7) Selecting File or any other top toolbar options now becomes unreliable by mouse selection, sometime the mouse can be used to select options other times only by using the direction keys on K/bd can this be done.

8) Session will restart sometimes by itself when power off button is used, and will start back in the same session without requiring Start up menu selection!?

As far as Gnome and G/Classic sessions are concerned - similar problems
1) Gnome - Fonts fail to draw on 95% .
2) System Settings will only show group window and fails to show any icons.

Gnome Classic
1) Toolbars on Desktop blacked out 95%
2) Min Max and Move are visible ;D

So first I had it XFCE working fine, then it all went to this! It's like the graphics card has failed! Do you know whats happened? This is taking me way too much time to fix. This is the first Linux that's every gone this way for me in 8yers! I've used Mint before, Xubuntu, and last Ubuntu. Then I moved because i did'nt really like where Ubuntu was heading in "fancy stuff". Can you help?

Re: XFCE Session Black Windows and Manager Fails

Posted: Sun Nov 04, 2012 7:48 pm
by Chrisnz
Only part workaround was achieved by Loading 'Mate'. This creates a new session available at login. This solved most of the black notification areas in all toolbars, however in Email (Evolution) the email toolbar is still blacked out. Overall its a 'workable solution'.

Re: XFCE Session Windows and Manager Fails

Posted: Sun Nov 04, 2012 8:49 pm
by cwsnyder
You are experiencing 'hangover' from using the other versions of Mint desktop. Every window opening in the upper left corner, no controls on the window, and opening in full screen are from Cinnamon or GNOME's desktop settings bleeding over into Xfce, unless you installed the Unity desktop as well.

Re: XFCE Session Windows and Manager Fails

Posted: Mon Dec 31, 2012 2:54 am
by Chrisnz
Stability was attained over time through Upgrades. However Mate is now the only session I use. Speed seems to have dropped considerably for some reason and now the kids are on my back! Not sure why that is? Upgrades have solved most of the other "teething" problems as well - so perhaps this needs to close. My recommendation is that folks load current updates then see if problems are still present.